Use cold medicine with caution during high incidence of influenza

In March, viruses and bacteria grow, and the flu virus begins to do evil everywhere. March July is the high incidence period of influenza. When catching a cold, many people choose to buy health care cold medicines from pharmacies and take them by themselves. The elderly, children, pregnant women, patients with chronic diseases and other special groups should consult doctors before taking cold medicine, because special groups have special medical indicators.

1. Liver and kidney dysfunction

Most cold medicines must be excreted through liver metabolism and kidney. Some ingredients in cold medicines have an impact on patients with liver and kidney dysfunction. For example, acetaminophen contained in most cold medicines can relieve heat and pain for patients with normal liver and kidney functions; But for patients with liver and kidney dysfunction, acetaminophen will aggravate the damage to the liver and kidney.

2. hypertension patients

Cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine hydrochloride can reduce congestion of nasal mucosa. This kind of medicine can constrict capillaries of upper respiratory tract, reduce congestion of nasopharynx mucosa and eliminate nasal congestion symptoms. But at the same time, pseudoephedrine hydrochloride can also raise blood pressure, and the pressor effect is lasting. In addition, it can promote adverse reactions such as accelerated heartbeat, which will aggravate the condition of hypertensive patients and even bring life-threatening effects. 3. Diabetes with renal insufficiency

Many diabetics are complicated with kidney disease. If these patients use cold medicines, including Chinese patent medicines, at will, they may damage kidney function.

4. Children

The neural inhibition mechanism of children, especially infants and young children, is not perfect. The use of cold drugs containing caffeine and pseudoephedrine will cause the central nervous system of infants and young children to be excited. 5. Pregnant and lactating women

Some drugs can damage the baby through the placenta, and even cause fetal malformation. And some drugs will cause breast closure or make the baby absorb through milk: such as Tylenol, day and night beverine, new Kangtai, white and black, etc. Therefore, pregnant and lactating women should strictly follow the doctor’s advice when taking cold medicine.

5. BPH patients

Patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia have difficulty urinating because the enlarged prostate compresses the urethra. After taking the cold medicine containing chlorpheniramine, they will have difficulty urinating because of weak bladder contraction, and even have acute urinary retention. Many drugs for treating colds will aggravate urination difficulties of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia after taking them, and even cause acute urinary retention. Chlorpheniramine is contained in Ganmaotong, quick acting ganmaocapsule, vitamin C Yinqiao Tablets and Ganmaoling.

6. Special operation workers

Because some cold medicines contain diphenhydramine and Chlorphenamine, they can cause drowsiness. Therefore, drivers, high-altitude operators and mechanical operators should avoid using it.


do not take several cold medicines at the same time

Li Guocheng reminded that when applying cold medicine, you must carefully read the main ingredients of the medicine in the instructions. Many people are eager to treat diseases, and they take several cold medicines together. Little do they realize that most cold medicines have similar ingredients, and repeated administration may cause serious adverse drug reactions. Common cold medicines such as children’s quick acting cold granules, vitamin C Yinqiao Tablets, Tylenol children’s cold syrup, etc. all contain acetaminophen. If taken at the same time, acetaminophen will be in excess, causing liver and kidney damage, and even endangering life.

In addition, you can’t take Chinese patent medicines lightly. Chinese patent medicines with different names also contain the same traditional Chinese medicine ingredients. For example, Zhongsheng pills contain huangcen, and compound huangcen tablets and Di’ao Yinhuang buccal tablets also contain huangcen. If these drugs are taken at the same time, they can cause excessive amount of huangcen and cause adverse reactions of drugs.

Cold medicine is only used to control cold symptoms. If the cold symptoms are not serious, drink more water and rest more, and the cold can be cured without medicine.

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