Men: Women’s sexiness is proportional to their age

[guide] women are always precocious than men and know what they want earlier than men. Frankly speaking, it takes us at least 25 years old to learn how to talk with people in a proper way, and the same is true in the bedroom. But we try our best to learn. When I met the first true love in my life

A man’s sincere confession: a woman’s sexiness is proportional to her age, and sex will become more beautiful. Enjoy it.

I have a female friend who is over 25 years old but less than 30 years old. She has a decent job, an excellent boyfriend and a smooth life. But the other day she told me, “I’m thinking about Botox.”. “I have to ask why – she doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face at all.” I know, “she replied proudly,” but I want to keep my current appearance. Don’t you think it’s sexier? “

Well, I don’t think so. Since you asked me, I’ll be honest: I don’t think so at all. Take Kate Winsley for example. In the movie Titanic, she looks moving, strong, warm and very feminine – but sexy? When Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) in the film hugged her and they climbed into the back seat of a luxury car, I never thought that the two would go to bed. However, ten years later, in the film journey of true love, she also played opposite Leonardo, but her actions were not the same. She was both charming and sexy, as if she had readjusted to this body.

Look at Jennifer Aniston again. Rachel from the popular American film series “six people”? It’s pretty cute. Now? It’s amazing. Penelope Cruz (35), Angelina Jolie (34), Eva Longoria (34)… The list can continue, but you know what I mean. Because of their self-confidence, these mature women are full of sexy. Look at their actions, as well as their natural wisdom and understanding humor. Their names are printed on movie posters and they are worth millions of dollars, and their appearance is worthy of the name.

Men and women are almost the same. When I was young, I still pieced together my self. Career, lifestyle, where you want to live, what kind of person you want to be… You think there should be an answer at the end of adolescence, but when things happen to you, it is always much more difficult than the stories in other people. Your sexual life is the same: all reactions are not instinctive, but through affectation. As you grope, you are eager to know: am I good enough? What does he / she like? Did I do it right? What will they say to their friends? Everything is a little awkward and a little difficult to control. It is still very beautiful, but it can not compare with the passion and ecstasy after maturity.

Maybe it’s the same as food – on your first date, you ordered shrimp cold dishes, steak and French fries. Great, but not the best. As you get older, you will begin to appreciate the charm of duck liver paste on bread and muska sweet Baijiu, and fall in love with the feeling that they blend at the tip of your tongue. When you order the menu, you return to the arms of steak and chips. But this time, if you know the right way, the right place and the right time, it will be ten million times better than the first time, because now you know exactly what you want.

This is the charm of women in their 30s. She has mastered her menu, is confident in her body, career and desire, and wears very, very stylish clothes. In the clothing store, she can pick out those pieces that seem to be tailor-made for her at a glance. She knows what suits her and what she likes; She may be single, may meet a man in a bar and take him home, but it is not because she is confused by fantasy; Or she is married, she knows that she can no longer enjoy the heart stopping passion of her first intimate contact with someone, but she knows better that she will get the joy of a lifetime.

“When you are in your 20s, sex is a great thing, but it is usually just an experience or a performance,” my friend ed said. “But when you date women in your 30s, you will find that they know your body better than you.”

In a luxurious hotel room, a woman in her 30s walks towards the big bed in the room. The way she moves is definitely a little different. The swinging of her hips and the smile like expression of pettiness opened up in her lips and eyes. If a man was lucky enough to be lying in that bed, it would be like opening a Christmas gift and finding all the batteries installed inside.

She took her time and knew how good she looked. She could see it from the man’s breath holding and stuttering clumsiness. She may feel that men’s ungrateful flattery is very sweet – this alone is sexy. The way she gently shakes her legs to bed (God, women’s movements! You really kill us, too), or the way her skin rubs his body, is not something a 22-year-old young woman can have.

We never change our awe for you like this, really. Your self-confidence in the face of happiness makes us involved in your desire vortex. You also know very well that one touch can lead a restless and passionate puppy to the peak of bliss. Of course, not all men are infatuated with mature women like the male protagonists of the graduates, but the fact is that it is not unreasonable for this film to become a classic.

When I was 16 years old, I used to help a lovely Mrs. jaschinski in the neighborhood take care of the children. At that time, I spent a lot of time studying what Dustin Hoffman did, and it was so attractive to Mrs. Robinson in the play. In Shakespeare’s poem the s color even color n ages of man, he must have missed a trick. He described people’s life as school children, soldiers, judges, retired elderly people, etc. It’s very good. I understand. It means that men are changing jobs all their lives. But the seven stages of women are completely different. Their journey is completely different from that of men.

Women are always precocious than men and know what they want earlier than men. Frankly speaking, it takes us at least 25 years old to learn how to talk with people in a proper way, and the same is true in the bedroom. But we try our best to learn. Until we meet the first true love in our lives, we can understand the mystery of the human body. It is a new and pleasant feeling. From then on, you will forget the sex like going to the battlefield in adolescence.

Because when we were teenagers, we were unavoidably unhurried and had a taste of not being able to appear on the stage. What the boys were thinking about was reaching the array. We talked with our brothers all day long about trash talk. We used this to prove that we were worldly and confident. We were afraid that others would think that we were too weak and not handsome. But we knew very well that our goal was just to “get on the base”. Now I look back and find that the journey of adolescent girls is doubly difficult. They have to give and strive, be enthusiastic and restrained, and carefully walk a narrow path between self love, self-esteem and happiness.

In your 20s, life is changing rapidly, and you will find sex very enjoyable. Really, really “joy”. Woody Allen said that of all the pleasures that don’t require laughter, sex is the best. (however, according to my own experience, the best sex is always full of laughter – laughing together, not who laughs at whom, which seems to be the key to beauty.). Along the way, every step is very interesting, and men thank themselves for participating in it, and gradually build up confidence in themselves with you.

Of course, it’s not easy to get this trust, and it’s unlikely that anyone will bother to help you. But don’t forget the power in your hands – or the power you will have when you grow a few years older. In this way, you will not be pessimistic, your insecurity will disappear, your confidence will increase, and the answers to life will emerge one by one. I don’t lie to you. When a woman becomes a real woman, she will be extremely confident – from her talent, wisdom and life experience. She will exercise her faith with a powerful force that men can’t understand. She has a sharp mind, is proud of her body, and talks meaningful and charming, which is the sexiest thing.

So I told my friend – although I don’t know if she will believe me, I sincerely said that she needn’t bother to inject Botox. Soon, those beautiful and beautiful fine lines will naturally become a part of her face. These fine lines can show how much laughter she has had, and some people will regard them as their favorite treasures.

“A real woman, she has a sharp mind, is proud of her body, and talks meaningful and charming. This is the sexiest thing.”

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