2 moves of blowing cold air to blow out high blood pressure can be easily dealt with

It’s so hot outdoors in summer. How about blowing air-conditioning indoors? look out! Frequent access to and from the air-conditioning room can easily cause blood vessels to freeze and contract rapidly, raise blood pressure, and then trigger a stroke crisis! Experts remind that the domestic summer temperature has repeatedly hit new highs. When people enter air-conditioned places, they should also pay attention to two principles, so as not to cause acute cardiovascular diseases due to vasoconstriction exceeding the elastic limit.

the etiology of cardiovascular diseases in various countries is increasing

Europe and the United States are mostly due to high cholesterol, and Asians have a great relationship with hypertension

According to a survey conducted by Taiwan’s national health administration, in recent years, the population with high blood pressure in Taiwan has gradually increased and become younger, breaking the stereotype that “high blood pressure is a disease of the elderly.” it is estimated that about 4.3 million people in Taiwan suffer from high blood pressure, of which 1.6 million do not know they are high blood pressure. Poor long-term blood pressure control can easily lead to cardiovascular diseases and increase the risk of stroke.

In particular, in the 2016 public edition of hypertension treatment guidelines jointly produced and published by the heart society of the Republic of China and the Hypertension Society of Taiwan, it is mentioned that cardiovascular diseases in Europe and the United States are mostly coronary heart diseases, which are mainly related to high cholesterol; In Asia, cardiovascular diseases are mainly stroke, which is closely related to hypertension. In addition, high blood pressure is more harmful to Asian patients. Similarly, if the blood pressure value increases by 15 nm Hg, the probability of stroke and coronary heart disease in Asia is much higher than that in Europe and the United States.

blood pressure is out of control in summer! Be careful, there is a big temperature difference between two walls.

To prevent uncontrolled blood pressure in summer, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the temperature changes inside and outside the air-conditioning room! Lin Ruiqi, Secretary General of the National Federation of occupational therapists of the Republic of China and occupational therapist of Shuanghe hospital, Taiwan’s “Ministry of health and welfare”, said that in summer, when the temperature is high outdoors, the temperature in the air-conditioned room is often chilly. There is a wall between them, and the temperature difference is quite large. When people enter and leave, the blood vessels of their bodies expand and contract rapidly, which is easy to cause instability of blood pressure and increase the chance of stroke.

Although, generally speaking, in warm seasons, the blood pressure value of the human body is low, which is easy to rise when it is cold, causing hypertension and related vascular complications. However, studies have shown that low temperature, whether in warm or cool seasons, may cause ischemic stroke.

Another study found that in tropical regions, stroke tends to occur in summer, while in temperate and cold regions, stroke attacks mostly occur in spring and autumn or winter. Therefore, Taiwanese in the subtropical region should not underestimate the risk of high blood pressure and stroke attacks in hot summer.

control blood pressure in summer! (2) there is no trouble in the air-conditioned room.

Lin Ruiqi, an occupational therapist, especially reminds the public, especially the elderly with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes, to pay attention to blood pressure control at all times when it is hot. Besides taking medicine according to the doctor’s instructions, they should also avoid going in and out of the air-conditioning room too frequently. When staying in the air-conditioning room or the place with air-conditioning equipment, they should grasp two principles: (1) the temperature of the air-conditioning should be controlled between 26 and 28 ℃, Or wear long sleeved clothes in the air-conditioning room; (2) Replenish water in time, preferably drinking warm water, to maintain the stability of body temperature and blood pressure as much as possible.

In order to reduce the chance of high blood pressure in summer, it is also important to adjust the lifestyle. It is recommended to reduce sodium intake in diet, avoid drinking alcohol, control weight, quit smoking, eat a balanced and healthy diet, and exercise moderately to protect the health and elasticity of blood vessels.

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