Women’s top 10 private parts drive men crazy

Please note that we only analyze from appearance and human characteristics, just like looking at photos for a blind date. This is to investigate what attracts you about them when you don’t hear their voices and don’t know who they are.

the first “SEDUCTION” part: breast

40% of men choose it as the first

Almost all women know that there is a proportional relationship between chest circumference and attracting men, which is why so many breast enhancement products are crowded in the market, and all of them can make women pay for themselves. Hollywood films also know the magic of breasts on men, so when it comes to the plot of women seducing men, they will often ask the former to untie several buttons on their jackets.

In fact, this is only the surface. Women can never understand the extent of men’s obsession with breasts. They can linger on that soft, silky skin all night. She may be surprised: is he still missing the scene of childhood. Perhaps, because the breast is really a perfect part.

Women at the peak of sexual exuberance and childbirth are men’s favorite. Women who frequently show off their breasts in men’s magazines, dances and sexy advertisements are basically in this age group.

Before humans walked upright, females attracted males with round and plump hips, and males climbed onto the back of females. After humans were able to walk upright, women’s breasts grew larger and larger to attract oncoming men. Low cut clothes and brassieres that lift up the breasts can highlight the cleavage and make the breasts look like the hips. Most women show their breasts as a landscape.

Why are men not good at eye contact? Because women don’t have eyes on their breasts. Men like breasts of all sizes and shapes. Whether it is a small breast like a small lemon or a large breast like a watermelon, most men will like it, and they like to see the cleavage.

second “luring” part: hand

12% of men choose it as the first

I think that in most cases, the hand will be connected with the heart, and it is painful to connect the fingers with the heart. For a man, holding a woman’s hand is almost tantamount to capturing her heart. Most men like to hold her hand, feel its warmth, or lift it up and kiss its back or wrist. Softness can also make men feel it. If women think that being implicit can not make men “give in”, then they are very wrong.

the third “SEDUCTION” part: private part

10% of men choose it as the first

It was shortlisted because it was mysterious and desirable, as if it had a natural charm to attract men. Another reason why men like women’s private parts so much is that they can not only make themselves feel lost, but also make women react strongly. This will arouse a man’s sense of satisfaction, because he has the ability to excite the women he likes, and men also like that feeling of Conquest very much.

the fourth “luring” part: buttocks

9% of men choose it as the first

Why do teachers or parents always teach their daughters not to twist when they walk? It seems that they will be very dissolute. On the other hand, the hip is an extremely important part of the curve, which is closely related to sex. Moreover, it should be noted that the hip is so close to the sexy area of women that some men like it even more than the most hidden part of women.

Men think women’s round hips are the most attractive. Women’s buttocks store a large amount of fat for the needs of breastfeeding children, just like emergency food storage in an era of material scarcity, or similar to the function of humps.

In the carvings and paintings of the stone age, many female images have fat buttocks, which can be said to be particularly fat, just like the women in some tribes in South Africa today. In ancient Greece, a woman with fat buttocks was considered extremely sexy and was praised. At that time, Aphrodite was known as the “goddess of buttocks”. People also built a temple for her to commemorate her.

In the 19th century, women had to cover their whole bodies in public. In order to attract the attention of the opposite sex, young women specially wear skirt supports to make their hips look fat and plump. At the end of the 20th century, when obesity was no longer regarded as beauty, obesity meant excessive indulgence and unhealthy. Young women began dieting or liposuction in order to slim their hips.

Wearing fashionable jeans has also become a fashion, because jeans make women’s hips look tight and round. Wearing high-heeled shoes can make people straighten their waists and raise their hips. It is easy to attract the eyes of the opposite sex to pose gently from left to right. As we all know, Marilyn Monroe deliberately cut off the heel of her left foot by two centimeters, which makes her walk more swaying.

the fifth “luring” part: waist

4% of men choose it as the first

Since ancient times and modern times, the “standard of beauty” in men’s hearts has been changing, and women’s waist is the object of their careful investigation. In love, men and women love each other, and the man always likes to wrap his hand around the woman’s waist, so as to get a kind of satisfaction similar to possession. Fashion designers are also well aware of the power of a woman’s waist, and have launched sexy clothes that reveal her waist. A woman’s body has indeed attracted the attention of many men.

Soft curves can show the unique beauty of women, while geometric shapes and edges represent the beauty of men. Men in the world love women with perfect curves. The upper half of a woman’s back is narrower than that of a man, the lower half is wider, and the lower part of her spine is more curved than that of a man. The bent back can make the hips outward and the chest forward.

Find a woman at random and let her choose a sexy standing posture. Her first choice is generally to have a high chest, a cocked hip, and one or two arms on her hips. If you don’t believe it, try it on any woman and let her choose the sexiest standing posture. Let’s verify it now.

For hundreds of years, in order to have a perfect figure, women have not hesitate to tie abdominal bands and use various methods to tie their waists. Once upon a time, in order to pursue the feminine quality of women, they did not hesitate to pay the price of rib deformities, respiratory distress, organ extrusion, abortion, and even surgery to cut off their ribs. In the 19th century, a woman could wear a skirt brace to highlight her hips, which showed that she had strong fertility potential. The belt can help her flatten her abdomen, indicating that she is not pregnant and has not been married. In the 19th century, the ideal of girls was to have the same age and waist circumference.

A woman with extremely healthy body and strong fertility has a waist circumference to hip circumference ratio of 7:10, that is, her waist circumference is only 70% of her hip circumference. Looking through historical records, it is not difficult to find that this is the most attractive proportion for men. When a woman’s waist circumference and hip circumference ratio are higher than 80%, men begin to lose interest; The higher the proportion, the less attractive.

Men have little interest in women with the same waist circumference and hip circumference ratio, because such women have too much fat around the uterus and ovaries, and obviously have poor fertility. Maternal characteristics determine that these key organs should not accumulate too much fat, just as a man’s heart, brain and testicles do not accumulate too much fat. After hysterectomy, women tend to accumulate fat in their abdomen like men, because they have no reproductive organs.

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