Can you afford an office romance?

Looking at the person you love around you all day, you can exchange greetings occasionally, and you can always ask him for help when you have something to do… But why do most people still disapprove of office romance?

If you want to talk about office romance, is your answer yes or no? Those who disagree use the dialogue in the movie “speed” to explain their reason: “the relationship between men and women under pressure is not lasting.” Lovers in the office are often the topic figures of colleagues after tea. Too much attention and noise seem to really deteriorate a relationship due to pressure.

However, many people who have personally tasted the sweetness of office romance believe that being in the same office with their loved ones not only gives them a sense of security, but also makes them perform better when facing job competition or setbacks because of their absolute support!

Senior advertising copywriter Celia has many office romances. Job hopping is popular in the advertising industry. Celia has been in the advertising industry for many years. She has changed several companies and had several office romances. Celia’s male protagonists in the love affair range from superiors to subordinates.

Her principle is: as long as it’s a real call, it’s OK! Celia, an old hand in office romance, deeply felt that those boyfriends not only didn’t hinder her work, but also made her often feel that she had a “supporter”, which made her even more afraid of rushing forward in business and seeking performance.. therefore, she thought that as long as she talked about her feelings calmly, it was beneficial and harmless to fall in love with her male colleagues!

However, some people think that office romances are often the product of the “long-term love” mentality, which does not mean that two people are really “speed dating”. Living in the same office for a long time and sharing common work topics can easily make people confused about whether they really have a “feeling of love” for their colleagues, or whether they are just too familiar with each other, resulting in contradictory and ambiguous emotions…. “if so, the foundation of the office romance generated under the situation of not knowing the reality is indeed not very solid!

Whether “office romance” is a serious topic in your eyes, or just a delicious snack to ease your mood, if you accept this idea and plan to implement it… It’s best to remember four words in every step of the actual office romance: clear headed!

Confused, a girlfriend fell in love with a male colleague from the same company. Finally, the east window incident broke. Two women left the company in dismay because of the man’s face in the company and the woman who was accused of being a third party. But the man still got the understanding of his girlfriend and swaggered among his colleagues to show off how skillful he was

Running an office romance seems to require more sense and means.

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