Seven signs of aging in men

According to traditional Chinese medicine, a man’s life rhythm is related to “8”, and there will be physiological changes every 8 years, such as changing teeth at the age of 8, having reproductive ability at the age of 16, reaching the limit of height at the age of 24, reaching the peak of vitality at the age of 32, and gradually aging after the age of 40. Just like the blooming and withering of flowers and the change of seasons, aging is a natural law that human beings can’t resist. However, timely detection of aging signals and active adjustment of lifestyle can greatly delay the pace of aging. However, most of the male compatriots in life do not know this. As the mainstay of the family, they are often busy with entertainment and are tired of running, which unconsciously accelerates the pace of aging.

One of the signs of aging: I am out of breath after doing some work

With the growth of age, many men often feel that their physical strength is not as strong as before, and they are prone to fatigue. For example, they are not as flexible as before when playing basketball and football, walking and climbing mountains are not as far away as before, lifting heavy objects is more difficult than before, and they are breathless after doing some physical work. These are signs of aging. If we don’t take these performances seriously, and continue to have unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, drinking too much, staying up late, and lack of exercise, our overall functions will decline, and our health will also light a “red light”.

Tips: no matter how busy you are, male friends should exercise consciously, especially jogging, fast walking, swimming, cycling and other aerobic exercises, which can exercise lung function and promote lung capacity, not only stimulate physical vitality, delay aging, but also relieve tension. The intensity of exercise should be well controlled, and the heart rate should be maintained at 110 ~ 150 times per minute, not less than half an hour each time, and at least 3 times a week.

The second sign of aging: thin and weak urine line

Many people say that male aging starts from the prostate. In clinical practice, it is common for many men who are still very strong to have frequent urination, urgency, pain, thin and weak urination lines, and incomplete urination. These may be the alarm of prostate aging. Just like the lumbar vertebrae and cervical vertebrae, with the growth of age, the prostate will also have degenerative diseases, but as long as you care carefully, the aging speed will slow down.

Tips: don’t hold your urine in life to prevent the deposition of toxins in urine from directly damaging the prostate; Avoid continuous congestion of sexual organs and prostate caused by excessive sexual life, and reduce the risk of prostate disease; Clean the foreskin, scrotum and other places that are easy to hide dirt every day, and keep local cleanliness to prevent harmful bacteria from entering and invading the prostate; Avoid sitting for a long time to prevent the weight of the upper body from compressing the prostate for a long time, resulting in poor blood circulation and increasing the probability of disease.

The third sign of aging: very tired after sex

Research shows that the most active age for men to have sex is 20-30 years old. At the age of 20, most men are physically strong and recover quickly. They can have sex every day. After the age of 30, it may be reduced to two or three times a week, and after the age of 40, it will be reduced to two times a week. In addition to the reduction of the number of sexual intercourse, aging will also make a lot of changes in a man’s private parts, such as the penis epidermis becoming loose; Decreased sensitivity and number of sexual impulses; Erectile failure and delayed sexual response; The amount of semen decreased, and I was very tired after sex.

Tips: when male friends have the above performance, don’t rush to buy “Aphrodisiac” drugs. Indiscriminate supplementation may backfire. To delay the aging of sexual function, we can start from the following aspects: adhere to regular sex, and use sexual ability to advance, discard and retreat. Too long sexual life will accelerate the aging of sexual function; Keeping a good mind can reduce the load on the heart, which is equivalent to putting “lubricating oil” on the sexual organs; Maintain good living habits, avoid excessive drinking, long-term insomnia or staying up late and other bad habits, so as to prevent testosterone production from slowing down and causing gonadal hormone disorders; Eat more leeks, walnuts, mutton and other foods with beneficial sexual functions.

Aging sign 4: words on the lips but can’t remember

With the growth of age, many male friends often complain that their memory is getting worse and worse, often they can’t remember what they say, and forget what they put in one place in a twinkling of an eye. Little do they realize that this is a signal of brain aging. Many men have bad habits such as drinking, smoking and staying up late, which will accelerate the decline of memory. Research shows that middle-aged alcoholics have memory decline 6 years earlier than those who drink less; When smoking, oxygen inhalation decreases, and long-term brain hypoxia will damage memory.

Tips: if you want to keep your brain young, you should be both dynamic and static. You’d better exercise regularly to promote brain blood circulation and improve sensitivity. Aerobic exercises such as fast walking and jogging can promote brain cell growth; Also learn to meditate quietly, which is helpful to release pressure and control emotions. In terms of diet, walnuts, dark chocolate, oysters and other foods are rich in fatty acids, ketone compounds, zinc and other ingredients for brain nerve maintenance, which are conducive to delaying brain aging.

Five signs of aging: Constipation every three or five days

Constipation is a common problem. Many male friends simply don’t take it seriously. Little do they realize that this is the beginning of intestinal aging. With the growth of age, people’s intestinal peristalsis gradually slows down, and the water in the intestine is relatively reduced, which is easy to constipate. In addition, many male friends are used to sitting for a long time, seldom exercise, have long-term mental tension, and have decreased contractility of intestinal muscles, which makes them more prone to constipation every other day. A large number of sleeping stools are blocked in the intestine, and toxins and garbage can not be discharged in time, which not only leads to dark skin, spots and acne, and bad breath, but also increases the risk of colorectal cancer. According to the data, colorectal cancer has become the second most common cancer in male incidence rate in Beijing, and it is becoming younger.

Tips: in order to cope with the aging of the intestinal tract, male friends had better drink more boiled water to moisturize the intestinal tract; We should also eat more coarse grains, fresh vegetables and fruits and other foods rich in dietary fiber; Regular defecation every day and clockwise massage from the right lower abdomen to the left around the navel can also stimulate intestinal vitality and delay aging.

Six signs of aging: a lot of hair loss every day

Generally speaking, each person will lose 70-100 hairs every day, but if hair loss continues for a period of time, more than 100 hairs a day may be a manifestation of physical aging. There are many reasons for hair loss, which are related to age growth, genetic factors, insufficient nutrition, bad mood, greasy diet, often staying up late, endocrine and autoimmune diseases. Among them, various unhealthy lifestyles will accelerate physical aging and make men lose hair more and more early. According to the survey, 60% of the patients began to lose their hair before the age of 25, and 83.9% of them lost their hair before the age of 30. Hair loss will seriously affect the personal image of men, and even cause psychological problems such as self-confidence and inferiority complex.

Tips: in the face of hair loss, men should first go to a regular hospital to check the cause. In order to prevent hair loss, in addition to changing the bad lifestyle, we should also avoid too frequent perm and hair dyeing, and use less hair dryers and moisturizing and styling chemical products; It is best to comb and massage the scalp frequently, which is helpful to regulate sebum secretion, promote scalp blood circulation, and promote hair moisture and growth.

Seven signs of aging: the heart is always angry

In addition to physical aging, psychology also ages. If a male friend suddenly becomes sensitive, suspicious and irritable, loses his temper when he meets something unpleasant, always has a fire in his heart, is full of anxiety and panic about the future, and often feels uneasy and lonely, it may be a symptom of psychological aging, especially after men enter menopause.

Tips: in the face of physical and mental changes, male friends must not bear them quietly. In addition to comforting themselves, they should also talk to family and friends more, seek care and understanding, and release their emotions appropriately; We should also try to shift our focus and do things that we wanted to do when we were young but didn’t have the opportunity to do, such as cultivating interests and hobbies, so as to gain satisfaction from them.

Finally, I would also like to remind male friends that the appearance of the above-mentioned signs of aging is not terrible, it is just that your body tells you to pay attention to your own health. Middle aged and old men must form the habit of regular physical examination to prevent minor problems from dragging down into major problems.

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