Intimate care: the curved cushion is the most protective for the waist

The cushion has two functions, one is to remind the body to maintain a correct sitting posture, and the other is to support the lumbar spine. Eighty percent of the chronic back pain that often occurs among sedentary office workers is caused by improper sitting posture such as stooping. Data from Taiwan’s Executive Yuan’s Institute of labor safety and health show that when sitting, the pressure on the lumbar spine is twice that of standing. If the body leans forward 20 degrees, the pressure is three times that of standing. Gu Mingzhou, President of Taiwan’s Changhua Xiuchuan hospital and an orthopedic physician, points out that cushions can reduce this destructive force and reduce the burden on the lumbar spine.

There are many kinds of cushions in the market. How to choose them? Lin Ying Chou, a physician in the Department of rehabilitation at Taiwan’s Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, said that material, shape, and use methods are the most basic elements.

Select the cushion with radian. The cushion with radian is much better than the cushion without radian, which has enough strength to support the waist. It is best to choose a cushion with a forward projection, and the range varies from person to person. The correct placement is from below the shoulder blades to the hips. Choose the style that best matches your waist curve. Some cushions also have protruding arcs on the left and right sides. Lin sung Kai, a physician in the Department of rehabilitation at Taiwan’s Chungli new hospital, believes that most people can’t use them. If you drive a lot, you can choose this cushion, which is more protective.

Choose a cushion made of memory sponge or plastic plate. The cushion materials on the market are divided into mesh, elastic cotton, memory sponge and plastic plate. Generally speaking, memory sponge and plastic plate have the strongest support. There are also many people who use plush toys as cushions. They feel that the filling cotton used inside is soft and comfortable, but this material can disperse less pressure, which can not be used by the middle-aged and old people and those who have pain.

The cushions count only when you reach them. When using cushions, it should be noted that no matter which kind of cushion is used, it must be used to play its role. In addition, the hips should occupy the whole seat surface, so that the waist and back are completely close to the seat back, and the feet are flat on the ground. This posture is the most labor-saving and comfortable, which helps to maintain the smooth blood circulation of the legs. People with short stature can choose a thicker cushion. If a cushion is added, the hips can’t fill the seat surface. It is recommended that you first put your body close to the back of the chair and pad a box under your feet, with your knees higher than your hips.

In addition to adding cushions, pulling the chair closer to the table, or bringing the computer screen closer to yourself, can also reduce the chance of hunching down.

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