Get rid of sub-health and learn to recognize fatigue

With the increasingly fierce social competition, more and more people begin to appear in sub-health state. According to the survey, urban white-collar workers are the high incidence of sub-health, especially female white-collar workers.

Moreover, according to the survey, most of the patients in the sub-health state are young and middle-aged people, and the age range is mostly between 18 and 45 years old. It is obvious that people in this age group are either facing the college entrance examination and are under great pressure, or are busy with social activities such as business entertainment, enterprise management, interpersonal communication and job competition. It is easy to enter the sub-health state if they are under the tension of the environment for a long time, Therefore, it is very important to adjust and protect oneself scientifically.

There is no clear medical index to diagnose sub-health, so it is easy to be ignored by people. Generally speaking, if you don’t have any obvious diseases, but you are in one or several of the following states for a long time, pay attention that sub-health has alerted you: insomnia, fatigue, anorexia, fatigue, palpitation, poor resistance, irritability, frequent colds or oral ulcers, constipation, etc. People who are in a state of intense work and study should pay special attention to these symptoms. There are many ways to prevent and eliminate mental fatigue and get out of sub-health. The first one is to learn to recognize fatigue.

Look in the mirror to identify sub-health the easiest way to identify fatigue is to look in the mirror after getting up in the morning. Look in the mirror first to observe your face. Some people liken people’s complexion to a healthy palette, so it is of great significance to observe their complexion for self-care. Generally speaking, after a night’s rest, fatigue should be eliminated, energetic, ruddy and shiny, which indicates good health.

If your face is dark, or withered, your lips are purple, and your eyes are black, it indicates that fatigue has not been eliminated, sub-health has occurred, or even overwork or disease has arrived. At this time, we should try to adjust ourselves as soon as possible, reduce the workload appropriately, postpone the things that can be postponed as much as possible, and appropriately increase the rest time and nutrition.

Then observe the hair. If the hair is dark and shiny, it indicates that it is in good health. If the hair is fluffy and withered, it indicates that the nutritional status, especially the calcium nutrition, is poor or there is a disease. If your hair is brown, you should pay attention to it.

Look at the tongue coating to identify sub-health. After observing the complexion, look at the tongue coating and tongue quality. When viewing the tongue coating and tongue quality, open your mouth, and then naturally extend your tongue out of your mouth. Don’t be too nervous when extending your tongue, so as to avoid changing the color of your tongue, but fully expose your tongue. First look at the tongue coating, from the tip of the tongue, the middle of the tongue and both sides of the root of the tongue, and then observe the tongue coating from the tip of the tongue to the edge of the tongue. Generally speaking, the normal tongue coating is thin and evenly distributed on the tongue surface, with a thick center. The color of the normal tongue is light red, not light but not deep (you can learn it by watching it more). If the color of the tongue changes, and it is too red or too light, it indicates that there is a disease, please consult a doctor in time.

Self feeling recognition sub-health finally experience self feeling. If mental fatigue, physical weakness, difficulty in concentrating, easy mistakes in writing, dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus, swollen gums, bitter and tasteless mouth, unpleasant food, and even reduced appetite occur, it means that your fatigue has not been eliminated, sub-health has occurred, and even diseases have appeared. At this time, you must not force yourself to survive any longer, let alone take stimulants, drink strong tea and coffee indiscriminately. Otherwise, it will be like whipping a tired horse. Although you can force the horse to run quickly for a few steps for a while, it won’t last long, and the horse will collapse.

For quite a long time, the excessive promotion of “push the cart without toppling down” is not a scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts and should not be advocated. The traditional view is to rest only when you are tired. In recent years, a new concept of biological clock health preservation has been proposed, that is, active rest, that is, when you are not too tired, you should recharge your batteries healthily – rest.

How to prevent sub-health: getting enough sleep without staying up late “a healthy body comes from sleep” is a view recently put forward by scientists. There is no health without sleep. Sleep is an important part of life. Lack of sleep, not only the consumption of the body can not be supplemented, but also due to insufficient hormone synthesis, will cause imbalance in the human body’s internal environment. More importantly, sleep affects the immune function of the human body.

However, mental workers are prone to insomnia, which makes people feel tired and anxious. They are afraid that insomnia will affect their health. In fact, what affects their health most is not insomnia, but anxiety. Anxiety can hinder quiet rest and make it more difficult to fall asleep. According to physiologists’ observation, as long as you relax your muscles and stay in bed with your eyes closed when you can’t fall asleep, the energy consumed and harmful substances produced by the body are almost the same as when you are asleep.

Therefore, don’t be anxious when you have insomnia. The important thing is to find the cause of insomnia. Sub health is very harmful to the human body, especially the mental workers who are engaged in mental work all day. Therefore, identifying sub-health status is the first step out of sub-health.

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