Teach you to recognize what is good shit

Isn’t poop poop? How can we divide “good shit” and “bad shit”? In fact, many people do not care about feces. But in fact, feces can not be ignored for a person. We all know that POOP is not immutable. It may have different shapes and tastes. Below, 39 Health editors teach you how to recognize “good poo”.

is the stool discharged every day “good stool”

In fact, it is ideal to excrete stool once or twice a day. However, it is not necessarily “bad stool” if it appears only a few days later. That is to say, defecating once every 2-3 days is also within the normal range, which is not constipation. Many people think that defecating every day is the king. As long as you don’t defecate for one day, you will feel nervous. 39 Health editor’s note: the frequency of defecation is not so important. If a person defecates every three days, and this regular defecation does not have any impact on his life and body, it is normal. It’s like you don’t need to wake up the person who was sleeping and let him take sleeping pills.

dark yellow stool is the ideal “good stool”

Why is the stool dark yellow? That’s because bile from the duodenum turns yellow when it passes through the intestine. The white stools of some infants and young children are caused by congenital biliary atresia and abnormal secretion of bile. It can be said that dark yellow stool is the most ideal stool. However, this sentence does not mean that green or purple stool is unhealthy. You should know that the color of your stool will change with the food you eat. It’s just like the same truth that your stool will turn black after you eat pig’s blood.

shit that looks like a banana is “good shit”

Rice is also divided into porridge and dry rice, and stool is also divided into soft stool and hard stool. However, neither of these two kinds of shit is “good shit”. For example, the ideal stool should be the same as thin, dry and moderate rice. Shit that looks like bananas is good shit. A stool the same size as an ordinary banana weighs 100-200g.

talk about the color change of “taste”? Talk about the “fragrance” of poop

Fragrance? Isn’t shit smelly? Stools stink because bacteria in the intestine produce indole, hydrogenated sulfur, methane and ammonia when digesting food. It’s impossible to diagnose any level just by the smell of poop. Some people feel that their stools smell extremely bad and worry about whether they are ill. In fact, everyone’s POOP is smelly, and there is no need to worry about it, because the degree of smelliness is also partly due to subjective factors.

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