5 moves on the dinner table make men happy

first, deliberately sitting next to each other

The seating position in the winery is very particular. Who sits in the main seat, who sits in the upper seat, and who sits in the inner seat are very fundamental issues, which can sometimes be raised to the height of principle. It’s no good putting the wrong bag in the wrong bed. This remark can be used in the winery after it is used, and it is not good to find a dislocation.

It seems that sitting next to each other is a little looser. Generally speaking, sitting next to each other is ambiguous. Especially when we meet for the first time, or when we have only met two or three times, men and women are relatively strange to each other, and they can’t let go of each other because of their face. They have to close up to increase the ambiguity index. He has a good feeling for her, and she has an idea for him. After fixing the main position, she will find an excuse to get close to the other side. Once the goal is achieved, the ambiguous plan can be implemented by following the vine, transforming from primary ambiguity to advanced ambiguity, and finally ambiguous success. That song sings well. Please come close to me. Don’t let ambiguity walk away from me. I want to be ambiguous in the end.

Second, ask for a call.

When men and women first met in a wine shop, it was understandable that they left contact information to each other. The wine shop is also a distribution center for social communication. Some people are very unconscious in this respect, because they want to be ambiguous and have an intention, they can ignore it. I have a friend who loves to do such things. Whenever he meets a beautiful and charming petty bourgeois woman, whether he meets her for the first time, whether she is a famous flower, whether her lover is present or not, and whether she provides opportunities for communication, he always has the cheek to ask for a phone call.

Of course, most people are embarrassed to refuse, so that his ambiguous conspiracy will succeed again and again. Because the way he asked for the phone was direct and blunt, his intention was obvious, and he did not pay attention to the ambiguous elements after the technical processing of the phone, which made people around him feel embarrassed. There is more ambiguity behind. After he asks for the phone number, he always has reason to find someone else. Maybe it can really make a good thing come true.

Third, implement small actions

The difference between small movements and big movements lies in the publicity of big movements, and the low-key of small movements. This kind of ambiguous performance is easy to occur among relatively familiar people, who have a certain basis of good feeling for each other, or one party takes the initiative and the other party does not care, often with the intention of exploring and teasing. Small movements also include eye contact. That unique and unspeakable light is full of a number of ambiguities and ambiguities. Discerning people can still taste them. Ambiguities and non ambiguities are different.

If you put it more broadly, deliberately picking dishes, pouring wine and handing paper towels for each other, or even taking the initiative to drink on behalf of each other, and silently conducting courteous activities are also an important part of small movements, with a vague support behind them. Or both sides cooperate ambiguous, or unilaterally implement ambiguous, there are always small movements as language. Between men and women who do not have an ambiguous relationship, words and actions are natural and sunny, and they are completely different from ambiguous relationships.

Fourth, the mouth seems to be smeared with honey

Both men and women in the wine shop can’t avoid vulgarity, and everyone is willing to listen to sweet words. Even if they know that the other party is complimenting them against their will, they are not willing to break open secrets. Some people say that ambiguity starts from the mouth, which is the transmitter of ambiguity. Based on my simple research, this can be said. When a man or a woman can’t communicate in private or have no chance to express themselves in secret, they will choose the mouth as the breakthrough point, and start from the mouth, directly or indirectly, explicitly or vaguely, to convey ambiguous information.

In particular, the ambiguous meaning between men and women, no matter how disguised, will always be exposed. For example, trying hard to please someone is almost as sweet as meat; For example, try to use different words to highlight yourself so as to attract the attention of the other party; For example, there are words to drink to each other without words. Although the words fail to convey the meaning, they are ambiguous in the wine.

fifth, take home after drinking

I am most disgusted with pestering after drinking. Most of the time, the wine shop breaks up, and I leave immediately after the process of leaving is finished. Neither taking the bus nor taking a lift saves a lot of trouble. Some people pay attention to the drinking routes of their deskmates as soon as they take their seats, reserve in advance the on-board matters, and especially like to pick up and send off the opposite sex people who are not familiar with each other.

In case of being ungrateful, people will decline on the spot and find their own way home. Of course, there are also people who refuse or refuse. If both sides are pregnant with ambiguous genes, this is an ambiguous journey. In fact, for this kind of people, taking the initiative to send them home is just an excuse to verify how high the ambiguity index is. Maybe they will not come out when they are sent home, or maybe the car will turn halfway, and send them to a place more ambiguous than home again. I’m afraid no one can tell how many ambiguous things happened on the way home.

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