Too much pressure, I suggest eating rice oil often

Are you stressed? This is not only a small burden in popular crosstalk, but also a big problem faced by modern urban white-collar groups. House, wife, car, seat, ticket, face, six children entering the University, all kinds of emotional pressures in career and life are increasing. All kinds of news topics about overwork and “three highs” have made urban white-collar workers almost synonymous with sub-health people. Therefore, among some urban white-collar workers, there are a group of grain eaters who fight against “pressure” on health. The grain here refers not to rice without shelling, but to a natural ingredient called oryzanol. Valley eaters take oryzanol in their daily diet to relieve mental stress.

to fight against sub-health, foodies say: I have a trick

Fu Tong, an IT field maintenance engineer, is a happy leftover woman after her 70s. IT field maintenance is a job without a schedule at all, and even men can’t bear it. However, Fu Tong, the happy leftover girl, never looked like a loser. She was full of energy and radiance all day long. Her friends joked that she was a monster, but Fu Tong said that her beauty masterpiece was the good habit of eating “grain”. Fu Tong often boasted that he was the oldest grain eater in the circle. She fell in love with “Gu” because she suffered from pre-test syndrome during the college entrance examination that year. She was haggard and in a mess. Grandma boiled rice bran, japonica rice and jujube into licorice drink for her to drink. Although it is a folk prescription, the principle used is actually to use the naturally rich oryzanol in grains, which has the effect of calming nerves and helping sleep. After drinking for a month, Fu Tong not only overcame his mental anxiety before the exam, but also exceeded his level in the exam. From then on, Fu Tong was out of control and completely addicted to eating “grain”.

For Fu Tong and the people who eat grain, the pursuit of grain vitamins is all-round. In addition to a cup of sweet wheat drink every day, the people who eat grain also replace the edible oil in their homes with the newly launched golden dragon fish rice oil. “Because oryzanol is a fat soluble substance, it is best to obtain oryzanol through rice oil.” Every valley eater will introduce you in this professional way.

how to reduce pressure by eating golden dragon fish and rice oil? Experts say: very reasonable

Can eating “Gu” really reduce pressure and even improve beauty? In the eyes of experts, this approach is not unreasonable. The so-called oryzanol is a strong antioxidant. In medicine, it is often used to regulate autonomic nerves, calm sleep, and alleviate fatigue. For some typical sub-health symptoms, such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc., doctors will prescribe oryzanol tablets for initial adjustment. In addition, oryzanol is also conducive to improving the circulation function of micro blood vessels, which is conducive to skin quality. Good spirit and good skin can naturally play a role in beauty.

Therefore, experts believe that taking oryzanol in the daily diet by using rice oil and other methods can indeed relieve nerves and reduce pressure. In particular, the content of active substances such as oryzanol, phytosterol and natural vitamin E in rice oil is high, which can effectively reduce serum cholesterol, especially suitable for sub-health people of the “three high” category.

The pressures of modern life may be insurmountable to us, but eating rice oil and supplementing with vitamin C are small health improvement measures within our power. In order to paraphrase a slogan of the grain eaters: “take action now, eat grain to reduce pressure, and be happy with zero pa” (Pascal, pressure unit).

Health tips: besides being suitable for Chinese cooking (frying and frying), Golden Dragon Valley vitamin rice oil has another wonderful function – adding a small spoonful of Golden Dragon Valley vitamin rice oil when steaming rice can directly restore the essence of rice, and the cooked rice is crystal soft and tastes better!

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