An article in the British Daily Mail suggested: take a lunch break and go out for a walk

When office workers are busy, they often do not have a lunch break, and they go directly to work after solving lunch on their desks. In fact, taking a nap or going out for a walk at noon is not only good for work in the afternoon, but also good for your health. The British Daily Mail recently published an article summarizing the “10 benefits of lunch break for office workers” confirmed by research and telling everyone how to take a lunch break.

1. Improve attention a study by the University of Illinois in the United States found that long-term exposure to the same sensory stimuli from computers, mobile phones and so on will make the brain accustomed to what it sees and easy to miss important details. A short rest at noon can significantly improve your concentration and complete your tasks in the afternoon.

2. Protect eyesight staring at the screen for a long time will reduce the number of blinks, lack lubrication of the eyes, and lead to dry eye. Japanese researchers found that workers who watched the screen for at least 7 hours had 50% lower eye lubrication than those who watched the screen for 5 hours a day.

3. Improve sleep many studies have confirmed that the blue light on the screen can reduce the secretion of melatonin in the human body and affect sleep. A study involving 300 participants found that taking a 15 minute lunch break every day can reduce the time exposed to blue light and improve the quality of sleep.

4. Reduce the incidence rate of arthritis using the lunch break to exercise can reduce the risk of arthritis, chronic back pain and cervical pain.

5. Relieve abdominal distension taking a proper walk before or after meals can increase beneficial bacteria in the intestine, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion, and avoid flatulence and abdominal pain.

6. Prevent stomach spasm a Swedish study found that taking advantage of lunch breaks to carefully taste food and chew and swallow can significantly improve stomach cramps.

7. Prevention heart disease according to the British Heart Foundation, taking a walk during lunch break can reduce the risk of 20 chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Researchers from the University of Warwick also found that postmen have a 30% lower risk of heart disease than office white-collar workers.

8. Make your body slimmer a study by the University of Colorado in the United States found that workers who eat at their desks feel more hungry and eat more, with an average waist circumference of 3cm, compared with workers who take a 5-minute lunch break during work.

9. Improve mood British Heart Foundation research found that regular lunch breaks can reduce employees’ risk of depression by 30%. Research published in the British Journal of psychiatry also shows that frequent exposure to the sun and walking outside can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety.

10. Add vitamin D skin exposure to sunlight will increase vitamin D levels in the body. It can promote the human body to absorb calcium, which is beneficial to bone health. Public health England said that because many people spend less than 15 minutes outdoors every day, more and more people in the UK lack vitamin D, and the risk of osteoporosis has increased.

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