How to do the flat support

Plate support is a muscle training method similar to push ups, but it does not need to support up and down. During exercise, it is mainly in a prone position, and the body is in a line of balance, which can effectively exercise the transverse abdominal muscle. So how to do plate support?

Plate support mainly exercises core muscle groups, including transverse abdominal muscle, oblique abdominal muscle, rectus abdominis muscle and hip muscle. By doing plank support, you can strengthen these muscles. When these muscles are strengthened, you will find that your exercise ability improves.

When doing plate support, take the elbow and toe as the support points, and open the elbow to the same width as the shoulder, just below the body. The abdomen is tightened, and the hips, upper back and head are at the same level. When doing this, you should pay attention not to collapse your waist. Otherwise, if you can’t exercise your abdominal muscles, you may also hurt your lumbar spine.

The longer you stick to flat support, the better your physical fitness. Generally, men persist for longer than women. A normal and healthy man should be able to maintain the stick pose for as long as 2 minutes. Ordinary people can persist for at least 1 minute when they first practice flat support. If it is less than 1 minute, it means that the abdominal muscle strength is weak, and they need to exercise regularly to improve their body. After 30 days of practice, most people can persist for more than 5 minutes each time.

Because plate support is not an aerobic exercise, but a static resistance exercise, it is not necessary to follow the rule that aerobic exercise must be exercised for more than half an hour to exert its effect. Therefore, as an ordinary person who does not pursue world records and only wants to train core strength, it is enough to exercise for about 2 minutes every day.

Practice plate support can’t fish for three days and dry the net for two days, but the practice time should be reasonably arranged. The first week: Practice for 20 minutes in the morning and evening every day, 4 times in each group, lasting for 1 minute each time; The second week: Practice for 30 minutes in the morning and evening every day, four times in each group, for 1-2 minutes each time; Week 3: Practice for 40 minutes in the morning and evening every day, 4 times in each group, lasting for 2 minutes each time; Of course, the correct flat support can’t lift your head, collapse your waist, and pucker your buttocks. Beginners can invite others to correct their actions if they are not sure of themselves.

However, if you have shoulder pain, back pain and elbow pain, it is easy to break when you do flat support. It is better to wear waist protector. For athletes whose back pain has affected their activities, it is important to do a good job in waist care. Otherwise, the injury to the waist will be long-term. So when doing flat support, it is really important to standardize the movement.

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