Can whitening facial cleanser really turn white? What are the whitening methods?

can whitening facial cleanser really turn white

Whitening cleanser can’t whiten our skin!

First of all, the main function of facial cleanser is cleaning, which is mainly used to clean excess oil and residual sebum dirt on the skin. As for whitening, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, acne removing, blackhead removing and other effects, it is actually impossible.

Secondly, if you want to whiten, at least if you use a product that can stay on the surface of the skin for a long time, the facial cleanser can stay on the face for up to three to five minutes, and it is difficult to achieve the purpose of whitening before any nutritional table (including whitening ingredients) enters the bottom of the skin and muscles. Therefore, it is almost impossible to use facial cleanser to achieve whitening effect.

Finally, if you really can only use facial cleanser to achieve whitening effect, you really need to carefully check whether the facial cleanser you use contains hormone components. Hormones can achieve the whitening effect of the skin, but this effect is only temporary. If used for a long time, it will be too late once the hormone face forms.

What are the whitening methods

Whitening methods 1. Whitening needles are used to infuse or intramuscularly inject pharmaceutical ingredients into the body. Pharmaceutical ingredients will enter various positions of the body along with blood circulation. By strengthening their own pigment metabolism process, they oxidize melanin, inhibit melanocytes from producing melanin, and so on. After a series of whitening reactions, the effect of body whitening can be achieved.

Whitening method 2. Take a milk bath, mix milk and water in a ratio of 1:1, and pour them into the bath. Milk has a natural whitening and moisturizing effect. If you persist for a period of time, you can whiten your body.

Whitening methods 3. Take vitamins C and e to whiten. Vitamin C and E can not only regulate body functions and enhance immunity, but also improve skin tissues, inhibit pigmentation and whiten the body. Eating more vitamin rich foods C and e tomatoes, hawthorn, oranges, cabbage and other fruits and vegetables in daily life can not only make your skin white, but also increase your skin vitality.

Whitening method 4. Use Whitening Bath Gel. Wash with Whitening Bath Gel every day. After a period of time, the body will turn white and the effect is very good.

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