Men love to dump women like 8

1. Guardian of love

They carefully guarded love, for fear that it might get tetanus if it was not careful. However, the result was that the more careful they were, the harder they worked to maintain it, and the more hurried love went. So, after facing the shock and loss, they exposed their wounds to their heart’s content, and allowed them to become inflamed, purulent and fester until one day another person ended her walking corpse like stupidity, making her more cautious.

Comments: love does not necessarily have to be cautious to live forever. On the contrary, too much caution will only make this kind of love scared and have no happiness. It is better to love more generously and freely. Perhaps, in this way, we can better keep the clouds open and see the sun and the moon.

2. Devote yourself to women

In the face of love, they are not very active at the beginning, but once they touch their deep hearts, they will devote themselves wholeheartedly to it and become loyal. But such dedication will most likely hurt them when their hopes become dashed. Therefore, after being hurt, they become afraid of hands and feet, no longer believe in love easily, and no longer look too much at men. Their eyes for love are all gray.

Comments: never a relationship can get a complete return after a complete payment, nor can any kind of full-time investment be quickly withdrawn. Believe in life and time. Let time take everything away and relax. You should believe that the more frustrated and brave you are, the more qualified you are to get true love. Otherwise, when you think about it one day, the court will be really snubbed, and it will be extravagant for you to ask for help from others.

3. dreams visions

The originally planned ambition blueprint was abandoned halfway because of the other party’s fleeing, which made them think that the other party not only took away their love, but also took away all kinds of expectations for the past planning and future. In self pity, they gradually lost their way in love and life, and they can’t help but feel pain.

Comment: if all things can be carried out in a static way, then there will not be so much confusion and stumbling in the world. If you leave another person, you won’t plan your life. Then, even if you finish your planned life, what’s worth celebrating? It’s better to treat that plan as a failed attempt. It’s not that failure is the mother of success. So, if you fail several times, you will succeed.

4. Love is supreme for women

For them, love is all. For love, they can start regardless of family ties, work or even everything. Therefore, when love suddenly disappears, they will suddenly feel that everything has disappeared with love. Family, money, time and friendship are no longer important, and work and ideals are dispensable.

Comments: it is indeed worth setting up a memorial archway for love to love so much. But what can be written on the memorial archway? Is it love first or death without love? Have you ever known that when you vent in a quiet corner and cry in the quilt on a deserted night, those wounds can actually be gone. Tired, tired, you know it’s time to start again.

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