Eight views on love: never get rich and handsome

I. be proud of being spoiled

If you make a rich boyfriend, you will show arrogance, look down on your boyfriend’s subordinate employees and “poor friends”, and even give orders to his subordinates in the name of your boyfriend, as if you were the wife of so and so.

Such words and deeds will give people a bad impression that villains are in power, and the discontent of the public will certainly reach your boyfriend’s ears. If one day he suddenly wants to break up with you, don’t blame others for destroying your relationship.

II. Feelings jump too fast

Maybe you have prayed in your heart for years to get a rich husband, but the other party may not be prepared at all. He would be quite puzzled and think: “we only dated a few times, and she suggested that I propose. Is it because she has any other purpose…” look, this man was scared away by your enthusiasm.

III. deliberately dressing up

Not all rich men like the dazzling brilliance of female stars. Therefore, when you decide to give the other party a reason to pay attention to you in a bold, exposed and exaggerated dress, you had better be 100% sure that it is also the dress he appreciates. Otherwise, he will think you are a shallow woman who lacks self-confidence and low taste.

IV. eloquence

Although you are eager to let him know you more, talking endlessly will only make the other party feel that you are too nagging and boring. Imagine if a person can’t get peace of mind and relaxation from getting along with his girlfriend, then the girlfriend must not be able to take root in his heart. Let both sides feel warm and peaceful to get along with each other is the time when hearts are closest.

v. help him spend money

Although some magazines often publish how the wives of wealthy people spend money, which makes their husbands have a stronger desire to earn money, I still suggest you not to follow suit in a hurry. Urging him to buy things for you does not make him appreciate the motivation you have given him to work. In fact, he will see clearly that you are just a woman who likes to get something for nothing. As for whether to “hold hands” with you, he has to weigh it.

VI. “come to my house…

This sentence is often ambiguous. For women, inviting men to sit in their homes is not a sexual hint in most cases, but just a manifestation of friendship and trust. Of course, this is also an expression of the desire to enhance exchanges and share common interests. But men may misunderstand, and draw Hollywood classic plots from Champagne, sexy underwear to bed in their hearts. If you don’t want embarrassing situations in your communication process, it’s better to say goodbye politely in front of your house.

VII. Entering the substantive stage too quickly

It is very unwise to bring their relationship to a substantive stage too quickly. Although you may be sincere, the other party will doubt your character. He will think that you are very casual with anyone, or you spare no effort to “hook up” with rich men. Of course, physical relationships can make a qualitative change in love relationships, but physical relationships without a solid emotional foundation are often difficult to last.

VIII. Excessively pleasing

If you give an ordinary man laundry, cooking and housekeeping, he will be very grateful. It’s a happy thing to be so cared for and spoiled as an ordinary person. But a rich man may turn a blind eye to your advantages, and he may think that you are not as good as a professional nanny. Moreover, he doesn’t want to invite you home to do housework for him, because your “asking price” must be much higher than that in the nanny market.

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