More than 40% of Chinese white-collar workers work overtime

Recently, COFCO joy live and MSN jointly launched the “China white collar overtime joy index survey report”, which lasted three months. Nearly 800000 white collars from many domestic industries participated in the survey, and finally obtained nearly 200000 effective samples. Through this survey, we objectively found the life and work state of domestic white-collar workers when they face pressure in life, work, love and other aspects.

In this survey involving nearly 100 questions, one of them attracted people’s attention: “what’s your most troublesome health problem?” In the answers, 19.54% of white-collar workers answered that they were ill, while 40.64% of the surveyed white-collar workers said that they were in a sub-health state! When our reporter interviewed white-collar workers in Kunming at random, he found that this figure soared to more than 50%, and more than half of the interviewees said that they were in sub-health

are you worried about your health

The end of the year is coming. Li Mo is particularly worried these days. After a hard day’s work, he always sleeps at night. Even if he tries hard to sleep, he is still dreamy and irritable. At the end of the day, there is only one word “tired”!

In addition, sometimes there are overtime entertainment, Li Mo always feels that he is ill and can’t lift his spirits when doing anything. What makes him collapse most is that he is “in a trance” at work. Li Mo told the reporter that he had to attend two meetings one day. First, he went to the wrong venue in the morning and recorded the place where the meeting was held in the afternoon as the place where the meeting was held in the morning; In the afternoon, I had a good memory of the meeting that must be on time, but I slowed down the time by one hour. When I got to the meeting place, the meeting was almost over! “Why are you so unlucky? I can’t do anything smoothly.”

“From Li Mo’s situation, it is obvious that he has entered the white-collar sub-health state!” Nutritionist Qingqing’s judgment. Qingqing used to work as a nurse in a hospital. Later, she saw in the hospital that some companies continued to carry out physical examinations for employees. Many employees showed very prominent sub-health conditions, such as insomnia, stomach pain, fatigue and so on. A few years ago, she began to teach herself nutrition in her spare time. Now, she has become a very professional nutritionist.

Qingqing believes that in fact, almost 90% of white-collar workers are in sub-health state because of irregular life, high work pressure, high family pressure and so on.

In the “survey report on China’s white-collar overtime happiness index” jointly launched by COFCO joy wood and MSN, the reporter saw that in addition to 40.64% of the surveyed white-collar workers who thought they were “sub-health”, 16.35% of them had insomnia as their biggest headache, while 16.48% felt too much mental pressure, and only 6.99% thought they were “in a mess of health”.

have you noticed the “killers” around you

Xiao Wang, who works in an office building, said that in fact, they all know that many habits are “bad habits”, but when they get busy at work, they forget everything and don’t care. Sometimes they know it’s too late when a serious illness hits. Xiao Wang said that in the past, his unit generally did not organize employees to go for physical examination, but now it is estimated that the company has also seen the “sub-health hazards” of employees, and has begun to organize employees for physical examination every year.

Qingqing told the reporter that she has helped several friends around her to adjust their health. She said that white-collar workers working in office buildings are exposed to computers, photocopiers, printers, fax machines and other office tools every day. They are inevitably polluted by noise, radiation and so on, which is very harmful to skin and body, and harmful to eyes; And many white-collar workers have to work at their desks in front of the computer every day, do a single action or maintain the same posture, and suffer from poor blood flow, muscle stiffness, backache and other symptoms, which cause great damage to the cervical spine… “Sometimes when they get busy at work, they can’t even drink a mouthful of water all day.” One white-collar said that because of his busy work, he sometimes had no time to eat or drink water, and even had to “hold his breath” when going to the toilet.

do you often work overtime and feel anxious about it

The reporter found in the survey report of China white collar overtime LOHAS index that nearly 70% of white collars said that overtime was unpaid and voluntary work, while among the remaining 30% of white collars, only 3% said that overtime wages were very rich.

In our newspaper’s “white-collar mark” group, a netizen “smart cat” who works in a large enterprise said helplessly that the schedule for the Spring Festival came out early, and she also had to work overtime on the new year’s Eve. “Smart cat” said that the company still considered the overtime salary very carefully, and calculated it at three times of the usual salary. But in the face of generous overtime pay, she believes that even if there is more money, it can not be compared to reuniting with her family.

Too much overtime has also caused “physical and mental exhaustion” of white-collar workers. A netizen “if” who works as an accountant in a company said that in addition to her normal work, she spends most of her time in front of the computer in the cubicle every day. Because the office is equipped with central air conditioning, it is difficult to breathe a trace of fresh air because the air is not circulated in the airtight office with air conditioning on for a long time. Every day at noon, she will feel dizzy and chest tightness.

According to the survey report, only 15% of white-collar workers think that their working environment is very safe, while the rest of white-collar workers say that there are various unsafe factors in their working environment. A white-collar worker said that he had to work overtime at the end of each year. Under such a fast-paced pressure, coupled with eating irregularities, he would have anxiety.

netizens list “white collar bad habits”

1. Don’t eat breakfast (it hurts your stomach and makes you look old)

2. Dinner is too rich (easy to get fat, which is also an obstacle to sleep)

3. Drinking coffee (damaging the heart and increasing cholesterol)

4. Drinking too much in social activities (heavy drinking will damage the liver and affect the reproductive and urinary systems)

5. Gobbling food (this is the biggest killer of the stomach)

6. Too much mental pressure and excessive fatigue (not only hurts the body, but also tends to depression)

7. Avoid diseases and avoid medical treatment, and use drugs indiscriminately (if you have a cold, you think it’s OK to take the whole medicine)

8. Drink less water and don’t eat fruit (body nutrition is completely unbalanced)

9. Don’t exercise (sitting by the computer for a long time, don’t exercise, and don’t go outdoors, which will hurt both the body and the mood)

10. Too many calls

11. I’m not diligent in changing clothes

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