What are the daily ways to dispel acne? What is the method of removing acne everyday

Daily acne removing methods

1. Balanced diet: precautions for preventing acne how to prevent acne? A balanced diet is also a good way to care for acne, because carrots, spinach and so on have the effect of strengthening resistance to bacteria, while green peppers and cauliflower have antibacterial effects. In addition, a balanced diet is conducive to physical health and can certainly reduce the incidence of acne. We must not eat too much.

2. Wash your face correctly: if you want to better care for acne, you should wash your face correctly but not excessively. Although washing your face is the basic of beautiful skin, it is enough to wash it twice a day in the morning and evening or when you are sweating and dirty. If you wash your face excessively, you will completely wash away the protective oil on your skin, causing your skin to be too dry and doing great harm to your skin. You must pay attention to it.

3. Avoid blind medication: if many friends have acne on their faces, their first reaction is to get angry and take anti-inflammatory measures immediately. In fact, to eliminate acne, we need to sterilize it. Anti inflammatory sterilization is the best way to treat acne.

4. Drink more water: everyone knows that drinking more water can help detoxify, especially adding some lemon slices to the water. Constipation can also promote the occurrence of acne and acne. Relevant experts point out that the human body needs to drink 8 cups of water every day. In order to prevent and care for acne, avoid drinking sugary carbonated drinks or strong coffee.

How can I get rid of acne without leaving marks

1. Never wash your face often: washing your face twice a day is a rule you must abide by. Washing your face often will stimulate the secretory function of the sebaceous glands, because once the oil on the surface of the skin is washed, the sebaceous glands must work overtime to carry out their natural protective function. In this way, the sebaceous glands will become more and more irritable and lively.

2. Never use scrub and astringent water: scrub and astringent water will over stimulate the epidermis, worsen the already inflamed skin condition, and also stimulate the secretion function of sebaceous glands, making the situation worse. In addition, the converging water can shrink the pores and make the pores that have been blocked smaller.

3. Never smoke: nicotine in cigarettes will shrink the wall of microvessels, accumulate toxins in blood and lymph, reduce the reoxygenation rate of skin cells, weaken the healing ability of skin, and easily form cross infection of acne wounds.

4. Never pick, squeeze or pick: if you squeeze acne with your hands or tools, it will not help. On the contrary, it will cause secondary infection due to the bacteria on your hands, or cause subcutaneous blood stasis due to the force of squeezing, leaving scars that must disappear in 4-6 weeks. In addition, the wound caused by pinching and squeezing is the result of repeated stimulation and skin hyperplasia, forming a raised scar.

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