What are the methods of whitening after sunburn? What is the method of whitening after sunburn

After spending a summer, my skin was sunburned into a “little black”. Many girls made a lot of efforts, but they couldn’t come back in vain. If you want to be white, look here. Skincare experts teach you how to repair and straighten after tanning, so as to quickly restore the white skin of the past.

1、 Gently exfoliate and then apply whitening products

Tanned skin may as well be gently exfoliated first, and then improved with skin care products containing whitening and moisturizing effects. If you want to whiten quickly, you can use dreamtimesm2 whitening essence or whitening facial mask to fade melanin at night. The effect is fast and safe, and you can whiten naturally. In less than a month, you can whiten more than one color system. It is a classic among classics. At the same time, don’t forget to drink more water and eat more vitamin C foods.

2、 Insist on preventing sunlight

Even if you are sunburned, you can’t give up sunscreen to avoid getting darker. You should stick to applying sunscreen products every day. You must have sunscreen tools ready when you go out, so as to protect your skin in an all-round way and quickly restore your skin to its previous whiteness and luster.

3、 Choose natural whitening products

If you are sure that your skin has no red heat sensitivity or dry peeling, you can fight back against sunburn. As the skin is fragile just after recovery, try to use natural plant ingredients when choosing whitening products, and don’t let the previous work of skin repair be wasted.

4、 Strengthen collagen supplement

UVA and UVB in the sun will cause the skin to lose moisture. In addition, it is also due to the lack of “collagen”. Therefore, within a month or so, the collagen needed by the body needs to be fully supplemented. You can use some oral beauty products containing collagen, or you can use the essence containing collagen from the fourth day after sunburn.

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