How to prevent sunburn in summer? How to prevent sunburn in summer

How to prevent sun in summer? The hot summer is coming, and the ultraviolet rays are strong, which makes the beauties a little overwhelmed. Sunscreen has become the “highlight” of beauties’ skin care in summer, and sunscreen must be put on the agenda! Beauties really use all kinds of tricks to protect themselves from the sun. But do you really know how to protect yourself from sun? How to sunscreen in summer? Here are seven sun protection precautions to remember. Let’s learn about them.

Even if it’s cloudy, you should protect yourself from sun

Don’t think that only the sun needs sunscreen. Even if it is cloudy, there are many invisible ultraviolet rays, so even if it is cloudy, we should do a full set of sunscreen work to make ultraviolet rays no longer have opportunities!

Use sunscreen correctly

The most indispensable thing for sunscreen in summer is sunscreen. However, not everyone can use sunscreen correctly. The correct use order of sunscreen is after lotion, before release cream or BB cream. The application time of sunscreen is at least half an hour before going out. Generally, sunscreen can only last for a few hours. In addition, sweating will affect the effect of sunscreen. Therefore, applying sunscreen once before going out can not be done once and for all. The correct way is to reapply it a few hours later.

Deep cleaning:

We can use milk to wash our face to achieve better skin care and whitening effects, because milk contains very nutritious fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, especially a lot of vitamin B, which can deeply moisturize our skin, protect dry and cracked skin and smooth and tender skin. Washing our face with milk can make our skin more white and tender, and achieve a good whitening and skin care effect.

Moisturize and lock the skin:

Lack of water is an important reason for dark and yellow skin. Skin with sufficient water will double the whitening effect. If skin lacks water, it will not only cause dull skin tone, but also lead to color spots due to poor blood circulation. Even if it is not whitening, it is necessary to do a good job of moisture preservation first, which is a very important link.

Wash your face with rice washing water

Washing your face with the rice washing water at home every day will give your skin a soft whitening care. If you persist, you will see a very good whitening effect, and wrinkles will be reduced a lot. Rice washing water is not only easy to obtain, but also suitable for daily use. It can also be used together with facial cleanser to remove facial dirt and keep skin white and delicate.

Wash your face with white vinegar

People with oily skin can use a small spoonful of white vinegar and warm water to wash their faces to whiten their skin. Doing so can make the thick stratum corneum thinner and softer, so that their skin is not only white but also more delicate. When washing your face with white vinegar, remember not to be greedy for too much and too fast. Excessive use will burn off the stratum corneum and make your skin very thin.

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