What is the reason for acne? What exactly is acne

Many physical discomfort will be reflected on the face. Acne is really a painful thing. Many people are afraid of getting acne on their faces. Some people still can’t get rid of it after spending all their lives. So what is the matter with acne? How to correct acne?

What is the reason for acne on the face?

Dust mite dirt

Dust mites and dirt may accumulate on mattresses, pillows, furniture and other places, and long-term contact with these will cause skin acne. In addition, makeup tools such as puffs will get dirty if they are not cleaned, and it will be easier to get acne after using these makeup tools. Therefore, girls should pay attention to hygiene, change pillows and quilt covers frequently, and wipe and clean furniture. There are also makeup tools that should be cleaned regularly.

Cosmetic irritation

Make up may be something that girls often do, but you must be careful when choosing cosmetics. Some inferior products will irritate the skin, and it is difficult to remove them, which will cause acne. In addition, even if you use high-quality cosmetics, you should do a good job of thorough unloading, otherwise the cosmetics will block pores and cause acne. Be careful when buying and choosing cosmetics. It will be safer to use regular channels.

Endocrine disorders

Acne is often inseparable from endocrine disorders. When the human body secretes too much androgen, it will cause the sebaceous glands of our skin to be hyperactive, resulting in more and more vigorous oil secretion, which creates conditions for the generation of acne. There are many factors causing endocrine disorders, including lack of sleep and unhealthy diet. To improve this aspect, it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep, healthy diet and strengthen exercise.

Excessive cleaning

When there is oily light on the face, I feel uncomfortable. I try my best to use cleansing products with strong cleaning effect and frequently exfoliate, resulting in excessive cleaning, imbalance of water and oil, and more prone to acne. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid over cleaning, and choose cleansing products that are suitable for you according to your skin condition. If it is not a super oil field, in fact, mild products are enough, and the frequency of washing your face should not be too frequent.

What don’t you do when you have acne?

Don’t touch your face often

Because even if your hands are cleaned, all kinds of invisible bacteria still exist, so don’t touch your face or affected area with your hands.

Don’t make up all the time

Don’t use foundation make-up or Concealer products to cover up acne on your face, which may worsen the situation. Therefore, if you have acne or pits on your face, you should reduce the use of cosmetics. If necessary, it is recommended to choose light and thin products.

No acne patches

Don’t stick acne patches when the acne is purulent. Because the permeability of the acne patch is limited after all, if the acne is still infected, the patch will aggravate redness and swelling.

Don’t daub anything

Do not apply skin care products that contain fruit acid, salicylic acid and other products to treat acne. We should eliminate inflammation first and then treat acne.

How to remove acne correctly?

Effective skin cleaning

Washing your face is very important. You must wash your face often. Attention should be paid to skin cleaning. The selected cleaning products can effectively remove dirt and oil, and also inhibit bacterial proliferation. It’s better not to wash your face more than twice a day. Excessive cleaning of the skin will stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands.

Timely oil control and moisturizing

There is oil on the face that blocks pores. What we need more is to moisturize the skin. In fact, the excessive oil output from the skin is also caused by water shortage. After cleaning the skin, we can use toner and moisturizer to keep the skin moist, which is the key to protect the skin.

We should persist in removing acne

Don’t have negative psychology, firmly believe that you can successfully eliminate acne, and do a good job in all aspects of nursing. Skin care products must be mild and non irritating. As long as you persist, even the most difficult acne can be eliminated.

Pay attention to diet

Eat less fatty, high sugar, spicy and fried foods and stimulating drinks such as Baijiu and coffee, eat more vegetables, fruits and drink more boiled water. For those who are often constipated, 20g mung beans and 50g Huimi can be boiled into porridge, mixed with a small amount of rock sugar, and taken twice a day.

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