How many ways to say goodbye to acne muscles!? I’ll teach you a few tricks to say goodbye to acne!

Myth 1: acne is caused by unclean skin

Truth: the formation of acne is not caused by dust, dirt or oil on the skin surface, so excessive cleaning will aggravate the problem. The correct way to clean your face is to use skin care products that will not cause acne or cleansing cream designated by doctors. Wash your face twice a day, and then cooperate with appropriate treatment.

Myth 2: often eat spicy food

Truth: extensive scientific research has found that diet has no direct relationship with acne, but some people still insist that chocolate, greasy and sour food will stimulate acne. How to prevent or treat acne depends on what you believe, but in short, a balanced diet can enhance resistance.


Myth 3: acne will heal automatically

Truth: acne treatment is necessary, and it is also necessary to prevent color marks and scars left by acne. Therefore, never believe such a fallacy, otherwise, your acne treatment will not see the light of day again.

Myth 4: acne can be contagious

Truth: of course not. Acne is just a skin disease, not an infectious disease. Therefore, you don’t need to make too much fuss to let others avoid or avoid others.

Myth 5: sunbathing can accelerate the decay of acne

Truth: sunshine can improve the acne of 60% of patients, 20% will not, and 20% will worsen the situation. Be aware that some oral acne drugs (such as some tetracyclines and vitamin Arabic acid) will make the skin allergic to the sun and have the risk of sunburn.


Causes of acne

Excessive oil: the source of adult acne is the growth of cells in hair follicles, which leads to excessive oil secretion, blocked pore outlet, white head and acne. Thickening of the cortex also enlarges hair follicles, encourages the growth of bacteria, stimulates inflammation of nearby tissues, and causes red and swollen acne.

High pressure: when adults are under too much pressure, the adrenal glands will secrete pressure resistant corticosterone, which acts like androgens, disrupting skin metabolism and making hair follicles particularly prone to oil production. Irritability will also reduce skin resistance and produce more oil secretion. It is a normal physiological phenomenon to have 1-2 acne in front of menstruation.



Mild: mainly acne and a small amount of acne.

Medium: the number of acne is increasing, and the inflammation is serious. Most of the acne grows in the epidermal layer.

Serious: there are a lot of acne and abscess on the body and face.


Ten ways to prevent acne

Many people think that acne is very common, so they ignore treatment, leaving permanent scars. In fact, this can be prevented, because there are many effective drugs that can cure acne, so I would like to advise you that “the disease is shallower than the disease”.

1. Bask in the sun

Regular exposure to sunlight will make the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands active, block pores, and accelerate inflammation. It is advisable to wear a hat.

2. Eat iodine containing food

Foods with heavy iodine content (such as laver) should be avoided and eaten less during the acne outbreak period.

3. Swimming

Disinfectants and bacteria in the swimming pool will irritate the skin. Avoid swimming when you have acne.

4. Drinking

Alcohol turns the blood into weak acidity, which indirectly causes acne problems. Drinking alcohol in patients will accelerate blood circulation and trigger acne.

5. Massage

Massage promotes blood circulation, and inflamed acne will worsen, so it is not easy to massage people with acne!


Ten ways to prevent acne

6. Eat fried food

Fried food contains a lot of oil. If it is blocked or infected by bacteria in the process of oil secretion, it will cause acne!

7. Thick powder for cosmetics

Cosmetics will block pore respiration, and powder particles will mix with oil bacteria, making acne worse.

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