How to whiten quickly after sunburn in summer? 5 tips for skin whitening in summer tanning

In the “May Day” holiday just passed, I believe many people went out to play. The sun is already very strong this season. If you don’t do a good job of sunscreen and get sunburned when you go out, you must pay attention to repairing after sunburn and coming back as soon as possible.

How does Tan turn white quickly? I believe this issue is the hot spot that we are all concerned about.

1. Apply banana facial mask to save the tanned skin after sunburn. Beauties can use banana facial mask.

Banana facial mask can soften horniness and whiten skin. It is very helpful for skin repair after sunburn.

Grind the peeled banana, and then evenly smear it on your face. After 20 minutes, wash it with fresh milk with a small amount of water. This method is suitable for any kind of skin. After the skin is tanned, it can be done once a week to soften the horniness and whiten the skin. Pay attention not to let the skin be sunburned again.

2. Loofah water facial mask: loofah is rich in vitamins and nutrients, which has a strong bleaching effect and can maintain the delicate and rosy skin. When the skin is accidentally tanned by ultraviolet rays, beauties can use loofah water to repair the skin and whiten it again.

Squeeze the fresh loofah, dilute it with water, add a spoonful of flour, apply it to the face for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash it with warm water.

Loofah water is gentle and won’t irritate the damaged skin after sunburn. Apply it twice a week. After a few weeks, the skin will gradually whiten and return. Still don’t let the skin continue to tan during this period.

3. Lemon juice facial mask is a kind of fruit rich in vitamin C. It has excellent whitening effects on whitening skin, removing spots on the skin surface, oily skin, large pore skin and pigmented skin.

Beauties can also use lemon juice to repair damaged skin after sunburn, which can gradually whiten the skin.

Prepare a lemon, squeeze the juice from the lemon, dilute it with appropriate amount of water, apply it to the facial skin, keep it for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it with warm water, apply it twice a week, and persist for a period of time. Even the skin that is very dark can gradually whiten. Let’s try it.

4. Watermelon puree facial mask in summer we all like to eat watermelon to cool down. However, do you know? In addition to relieving heat and cooling, watermelon can also be used to repair damaged and blackened skin after sunburn! Prepare an appropriate amount of watermelon. After juicing the watermelon, add a little water to dilute it, then add a little flour, mix it evenly, and apply it to the skin surface. After about 20 minutes, clean it with warm water, once or twice a week.

Applying watermelon mud facial mask to your face can repair the sunburned skin and the red and swollen skin.

5. Milk pearl powder facial mask pearl powder is the holy product of whitening. It goes without saying that milk is one of the indispensable raw materials for whitening skin.

If your skin is tanned, you can try to apply milk pearl powder facial mask to moisturize and repair your skin, so that your skin can whiten as soon as possible.

Add a proper amount of pearl powder to a tablespoon of skimmed milk, mix it evenly, apply it to the suntanned part of the skin, or apply it to the whole face, and clean it after 15 minutes.

After several times, my skin will turn white again.

How does Tan turn white quickly? In fact, it is not difficult to do a good job in whitening. Before going out, remember to prepare for sunscreen, replenish sunscreen products in time, and pay attention to repairing and whitening after sunburn. Do these three steps well. I believe that even if you go out to play in summer, you can resist strong ultraviolet rays. Have you learned the skills?

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