Exploring contemporary love from Chinese Valentine’s Day

leftover men and leftover women

In the traditional Chinese concept of marriage, “a man should marry and a woman should marry” is an irrefutable truth, but nowadays, older unmarried men and women are everywhere in the city. Compared with the “old problems” in people’s traditional impression, this group is mostly urban people with high education and income. Perhaps it is their superior conditions that make them have higher standards for love and marriage, which also makes suitors flinch. “I would rather be arrogant and moldy than wronged in love” has become the code word of this group.

The increasing expansion of the “camp” of leftover women is inseparable from social progress and opening up. Some observers point out that leftover women can be regarded as one of the “development diseases” of society. Leftover women themselves also said that the existence of “leftover women” means that the social atmosphere has become more open and free, and independent and successful women can choose their feelings and lives more freely.

flash marriage and divorce

Flash marriage and flash divorce, as the name implies, are flash marriage or Flash divorce. In the eyes of young people who pursue romance and impulsive personality, nothing can represent the pursuit of love more than “flash marriage” and “flash divorce”. Zhou Xiaoyan, a psychology professor at Chongqing Normal University, analyzed that after the implementation of the new marriage registration regulations in 2003, divorce procedures were simplified, which accelerated the separation of many impulsive couples. “Post-80s” have more opportunities to contact marriage and love situations such as one night stands, online marriages, extramarital sex, trial marriages, etc. at the same time, their immature skills in handling mother-in-law daughter-in-law relations and husband wife relations also make them easy to get married and divorced.

While the older generation is still sighing at the “flash marriage and divorce”, the concept of “Trial Divorce” has become popular. The so-called “Trial Divorce” means that the husband and wife sign relevant personal agreements and “leave” their lives for a period of time on the premise that they are ready to divorce. It is not a divorce in the legal sense, but a “drill” of two people’s life and mentality after divorce.

love and wealth

Free love is advocated in contemporary times, but the concept of “matching” in marriage and love seems not to have disappeared. It is not uncommon for parents to interfere in the choice of their children’s marriage. However, the number of diamond WANGLAOWU has become more and more scarce, and “economically applicable men” with stable income, dedicated work, general appearance and single-minded feelings have emerged. Some media pointed out that the preference for economically applicable men is a rational return to the concept of mate selection.

The huge difference between urban and rural development has also created different views of marriage and love between urban and rural people. Among them, the love stories of urban women and migrant workers are particularly eye-catching. A netizen who claimed to be a migrant worker once published fierce words on the Internet, saying that he would never marry a city woman. The netizen listed five major shortcomings of urban women, such as being spoiled. For a while, whether love can cross the “gap” between urban and rural areas has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

college student love

The news about leftover men and women in society has made college parents prepare for a rainy day. Parents not only no longer interfere with the freedom of love of college students by citing the reason that “study is the most important”. On the contrary, some parents also encourage their children not to miss the opportunity to fall in love in their spare time. It’s better to have a sincere feeling in college than to be a leftover man or woman in the future. Parents are also becoming “enlightened”.

Nowadays, the public is not surprised at the news that college students are “mistresses” or “Junior Girls”. While enjoying the rapid development of materials, people are also witnessing the once clear and pure campus love being crushed by materials. A netizen who claimed to be a “female college student in Chongqing” even posted a summary of the six reasons why he would rather be a mistress than marry the post-80s generation. Although this remark is “appalling”, it also reflects the eagerness for quick success and instant benefit of the current society.

romantic proposal

Chinese people’s proposal of marriage is becoming more and more unconventional and romantic. It is reported that a man from Sichuan asked his girlfriend to see a movie. When she walked to the gate of the movie city, her girlfriend found that a short film composed of her usual pictures and her boyfriend was playing on the big screen at the gate of the movie city. Before his girlfriend regained consciousness, the man in Garfield’s costume came up with a large bouquet of roses and knelt down on one knee: “marry me.”

A man in Chengdu proposed to his girlfriend in a more unique way. Through the Internet, he solicited blessings written by relatives, friends and even strangers around the world as gifts and proposed to her, “I hope I can move her!”

People attach importance to alternative marriage proposal ideas, which also makes smart businesses see business opportunities. According to the evening news, a college student in Shanghai is planning to open a company that specializes in planning marriage proposals. For this reason, he plans to change his name to “Zhang proposed”. In just over a month, this “alternative” college student has successfully taken over five businesses. Experts also said that his creativity is very good, filling the gap in the market and has great potential.

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