What are the good methods of daily skin care and whitening? Five skin care and whitening methods have the best effect

Every time after summer, the skin always turns black, which distresses many women. If it takes too long to turn white slowly, some whitening methods can be used. Then what are the good methods for whitening? Next, experts will introduce some whitening methods to you. If you persist in them for a long time, you can recover your fair skin. Let’s take a specific look.

Pay attention to adjusting sleep to ensure sufficient sleep time, which can not only reduce the strong pressure on the skin caused by fatigue, but also give the skin more rest time, achieve perfect self-healing effect, and glow the natural beauty of the skin.

Do a good job of sunscreen when going out in sunny weather, the first thing to do is to apply sunscreen. If you spend too much time outdoors, you must apply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours, and the sunscreen you use must be waterproof and have a high sun protection factor.

But one thing to note is that after swimming, you should thoroughly clean your skin before applying sunscreen.

When you go out, you should apply sunscreen as long as your skin is exposed to the environment.

Doing a good job in sunscreen can reduce the generation of skin spots, especially prevent the appearance of age spots after middle age.

Supplement enough vitamins and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, which can effectively inhibit the production of melanin in the skin, and contain perfect antioxidant and reducing effects, which helps to accelerate the desalination of melanin.

Proper application of fruit facial mask fruit is the best food and supplies for skin beauty and beauty, but when choosing to use fruit to protect skin, it must be used correctly. Fruit contains fruit acid and pigment, so when choosing to apply facial mask, it is best to choose fruit and melon flesh.

Using black sugar as body milk black sugar is actually brown sugar, which is a good raw material for body whitening.

After taking a bath, before the heat in the bathroom has completely dissipated, mix brown sugar and honey and smear them on the body, especially on the dark parts such as knees and elbows.

It can make skin tender, smooth and bright.

Sweet rice wine is a kind of sweet rice wine made from steamed glutinous rice mixed with wine fermentation. Wine brewing is also called mash.

Pour the sweet wine into a clean container, even the rice.

Crush the rice a little, then put the facial mask paper into the container to absorb enough wine, and apply it for eight to ten minutes.

Then wash your face with the same water, and follow the normal skin care procedure.

If your skin also turns black, you may as well try these whitening methods described above to let you return to a white state. At the same time, these whitening methods are very simple. Try them quickly, and remind women to pay attention to sunscreen in summer, otherwise they will be easily tanned.

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