Walking 20 minutes a day can prolong life by 5 years

A report called “walking is beneficial” pointed out that if everyone walks 150 minutes a week, that is, 21 minutes a day, according to the authoritative recommendations, 37000 premature deaths can be prevented every year, nearly 30000 diabetes patients can be reduced, and 12000 people can be helped to reduce the risk of going to the hospital emergency department. The study also found that lack of necessary exercise can reduce people’s life expectancy by three to five years, and increase the probability of cancer, heart disease and stroke by 25% to 50%.

It is worth noting that 17% of premature deaths in the UK are caused by lack of exercise, which will also cause economic losses of up to £ 10 billion a year. What is more worrying is that 1 / 3 of the respondents walk less than 30 minutes a week, which also includes their time to go to shops, work and school. Only 1 / 20 people insist on doing enough physical exercise for health.

Dr. William bird, founder of walk for health, said that lack of exercise is more likely to lead to disease and premature death than obesity. He also stressed that walking is beneficial to health because it is conducive to activating “natural killer cells” (which can destroy a variety of pathogens and tumor cells), inhibiting inflammation and preventing the loss of “energy batteries” in cells.

Earlier, it was reported that the study on the physical movement and life span of 60000 middle-aged people led by Danish scientists also showed that regular manual labor around the house reduced the risk of early death by nearly a quarter compared with those who sat all day.

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