What is the requirement for a rich man to choose his wife? He must be a virgin

Yesterday, a private selection party was held in a five-star hotel in Guangzhou, auditioning wives for 11 single entrepreneurs with hundreds of millions of dollars, attracting more than 2800 women to sign up, with an average age of 28, the largest reaching 56, and the youngest only 19. At the registration site in Guangzhou yesterday, there were many women with high academic qualifications such as returnees and masters. Among them, a rich man who claims to be worth 10 billion yuan is divorced and under 50 years old. He requires the woman to be between 20 and 26 years old, beautiful and virgin.

who is auditioning? The average wealth of 11 rich people is said to be 360 million

The event was organized by a marriage and love enterprise, and a Chinese entrepreneur singles club was established to solve the marriage and love problems of entrepreneurs. According to the sponsor, to join the club, entrepreneurs must be unmarried or divorced, with personal assets of more than 100 million yuan and membership fees of 200000 yuan per year. Li Zhuo, the person in charge of the club, said that at present, the club has 11 single entrepreneurs, including giants from the clothing, real estate, finance, chemicals, hotels and lighting industries. “Among the 11 entrepreneurs, one has an asset of 10 billion yuan, and the other 10 have an average asset of 360 million yuan.”

As for how to prove the other’s wealth? According to Li Zhuo, the asset certificates provided by the other party include a number of real estate, company stocks, rings worth 10 million yuan, Rolls Royce worth 8 million yuan, Maybach worth 13 million yuan, private yachts worth more than 10 million yuan, famous watches, thoroughbred horses and antique furniture.

who will apply? Female candidate: 56-19 years old, with high education

According to the organizer, after the news of the 11 single entrepreneurs was sent out, more than 2800 female guests have registered by telephone, email and door-to-door. The female guests who signed up came from many cities in China, as well as overseas Chinese from Australia and Singapore. The average age of the female guests is 28, with the oldest being 56 and the youngest being 19. Careers include financial analyst, nutritionist, yoga instructor, Boston University student, etc.

Arling, a double master who has just returned from Australia, also came to apply yesterday. She is 28 years old and works in a scientific research unit. She said that she hopes to know more people and find one with better conditions than herself. This time, all 11 entrepreneurs have assets of more than 100 million yuan. She said that this has certain attraction. “Of course, I can’t do without money. I just hope that my conditions are better than mine and that I am a potential stock.”.

Ms. Lin, 31, also came to sign up. She said that she mainly came to experience. “My conditions are not very good. I have participated in several blind dates. I only have a bachelor’s degree, which is the kind of person who catches a lot of people on the street.”.

How can I become a rich woman? The sky is full and can’t lose sleep

To register for selection at all levels, you need to “pass five passes and cut six generals”. According to the sponsor, an in-depth analysis report will be made on the woman through 11 aspects, including personal introduction (family background, learning background and work background), photos (life photos, makeup photos and makeup photos), psychological test (pressure resistance, temptation resistance index, family introduction), physical health test (Medical examination, sleep status), living ability (daily household practice), Fatalistic features (affinity and attraction) and marital values (understanding and desire for marriage).

The reporter saw at the scene that the organizer invited some intelligence consultants, easy learning experts, psychological experts and so on to test the women who signed up. In the aspect of intelligence consultants, the relevant person in charge would ask questions involving various aspects, such as “how do horses sleep”, “how few parrots are there in Australia”, “do you mind if your other half goes whoring and keeps a mistress?” While answering the question, a Ling, a candidate, described it as “more difficult than me to take the civil service exam!” After experiencing this link, she sighed that the competition seemed quite fierce.

At the level of fate and face, the reporter saw that the so-called “Yi study consultant” should observe the face of the other party. “When I look at my face, I want to see whether the other side’s heaven is full.” The on-site Yi Xue consultant said.

In addition, in the psychological test, the reporter noticed that psychological experts also asked about each other’s sleep time and insomnia.

multiple female candidates: name is often reported, but I have never seen a rich person

Some people questioned that this was speculation and doubted its authenticity. Miss Xiong, who has participated in many dating activities, told the reporter that such activities as rich people’s marriage seeking have also been reported, but almost all of them have fallen into disrepute. “I sometimes wonder if this is a hype stunt of marriage websites. The ‘name’ is often reported, but I have never seen a rich person. However, I may not meet the requirements of the other party.”.

Is such a marriage search reliable? Netizens also have different opinions. Some think that it can be regarded as a channel for making friends. Although the success rate is not high, you may as well try it. But more netizens think it is unreliable. Weibo netizen “Wu Chun” said, “the acceleration of the pace of urban life has turned dating into marriage fast food. With the popularity of various dating programs such as” if you are the one “and the appearance of various rich people seeking marriage, dating seems to have become a kind of transaction. How much true love is there in such a tasteless dating?”

conditions for a rich man to seek marriage

Male, with a fortune of 10 billion yuan, divorced, under 50 years old, loves golf, and is in good health.

Requirements: the woman is 20-26 years old and 162-170cm tall; College degree or above, simple family environment, beautiful image, symmetrical body, pure body (asexual experience).

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