21 moments that men can conquer you most

In fact, a woman in love is very easy to coax. A man can capture a woman’s heart by seizing several moments that are most likely to make her emotional.

1. Human beings have the same instinct as animals to choose the strong and eliminate the weak. Women’s instinct is to yearn for the strong, so when women realize that the other party is the real strong, they will have love.

2. Women tend to have stronger feelings when they travel abroad. At this time, women get rid of the constraints of the personnel atmosphere in the familiar environment and are easy to relax and have happy thoughts.

3. When hearing male words, women tend to have feelings. Men are more sensitive to visual stimuli while women are more sensitive to auditory stimuli. Men’s kind, gentle and musical words on the phone can move women more quickly. Men should give full play to the charm of their language.

4. Women who have just finished dating men are extremely unstable physically and mentally, and will stay intoxicated and expecting the dating mood for a long time. Men can make more use of this time at the end of a date to further impress each other.

5. When a woman is in a clean and comfortable environment, she is easy to be emotional. This environment has no interference that makes her feel disgusted and uneasy, and it is easy to make her relax and become emotionally active.

6. Women are easily moved when they hear continuous compliments. Even if she knows that men are deliberately flattering and flattering her, she will be confused over time and think that men really have a crush on her.

7. Women tend to lose control of their emotions in unfamiliar environments. Men often change the time, place and way of dating, which makes her constantly have a sense of novelty.

8. Women’s emotional pace is slower than men’s. only after men’s stimulation and induction for a long time and excluding all kinds of interference from the external environment can they be fully emotional.

9. A man who pursues women hard suddenly gives up attacking. At this time, it is easy to arouse a woman’s curiosity and desire, but it will move her.

10. Women are most easily attracted when they are alone with men. Men should seize this opportunity and show initiative. If there is a third party present, they will usually categorically reject men to hide their true feelings.

11. Men’s true love is the most effective weapon to move women. When a woman is sure that the other party loves her sincerely, it is easy to love a man.

12. Women are more likely to accept men’s affection when they are tired.

13. When a woman’s body is inadvertently collided, she will be emotionally excited.

14. Taking a bus for a long time will make women feel impulsive.

15. Sometimes men lose their temper with women, and sometimes women react by recognizing the charm of each other.

16. Women’s feelings will suddenly get out of control after intense sports.

17. When a woman stays in a closed space for a long time, her heart is unbalanced, which is easy to produce psychological abnormalities and breed feelings of love. Men can use this psychological feature to strengthen their courtship offensive.

18. After drinking and hearing sweet words, women’s cerebral cortex is in a slight anesthetic state, their rationality is suppressed, and their feelings are active.

19. Heart to heart conversations between men and women can make women’s feelings soar and then inspire love.

20. Men often hang out with women, so that women can give their feelings, which is called “love grows over time”. A woman’s husband is not often around, which easily leads her to be emotional with the men she often contacts.

21. When a woman feels dependent on a man, she becomes emotional. If a man takes her to a place she is unfamiliar with or inconvenient to go to, she will not adapt to that environment, and panic will invisibly create a sense of trust and dependence on the man she knows, and then move towards him.

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