Exercise to lose weight: why not lose weight

Why don’t you lose weight? In this age of slimming beauty, losing weight has become a topic that everyone will talk about after dinner. Especially for women who love beauty, being too fat will not only affect their appearance, but also harm their health. Some people want to lose weight through exercise, but many people do not lose weight after exercise. Do you know why they do not lose weight after exercise? Let’s take a look at the following introduction.

Exercise to lose weight: why not lose weight

First of all, the exercise can promote the muscles to become more developed gradually. The weight loss is nothing more than the reduction of certain substances in the body. However, during the weight loss process, it may be through exercise, muscle quantity and muscle quality to make up for the weight loss caused by fat decomposition. For example, after exercise, the muscle increases by 2kg, while the fat decomposes by 1.5kg, and the water loss is 0.5kg. That is to say, the muscle increases by 2kg through exercise, and the fat decreases by 1.5kg and the water decreases by 0.5kg. The total weight increases by 2kg while the weight decreases by 2kg, so the body weight does not decrease.

Secondly, the main reason why the weight does not drop during the weight loss period is that the diet is not well controlled, and the exercise does not reach the corresponding intensity. The main reason for obesity is that the intake of calories is greater than the consumption of calories. The fundamental way to lose weight is to reduce the intake of calories and increase the consumption of energy. Some people do not lose weight during weight loss. First of all, we should consider whether our diet is in place. During diet control, we should reduce oil, salt and sugar. All kinds of foods with high sugar and fat must be avoided.

Why don’t you lose weight? Therefore, I believe you all know about this issue in detail. It should be noted that the scientific exercise should reach a certain intensity. It is recommended that moderate intensity aerobic exercise should be conducted more than five times a week for more than 40 minutes each time. The recommended exercise methods include fast walking, jogging, swimming and rope skipping. At the same time, we should pay attention to reasonable control of our diet. We should not eat too much food with high calories, maintain healthy living habits, especially not stay up late, go to bed early and get up early, and live regularly. It is very helpful to lose weight.

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