What if a boyfriend only likes mature girls

letter from netizen tropical rainforest

The sky is always blue teacher, Hello! I am a post-90s generation, and I have a boyfriend who has been in love for three years. In order to stay in the same city with him, I voluntarily gave up the work arranged at home, and made a lot of trouble with my family. We didn’t even go home last year for the Chinese New Year. I originally thought that as long as two people were firm and survived for two years, my parents would naturally compromise. But now I feel very hesitant. I feel that he is not as kind to me as he used to be. He often chats with me only to perfunctory me. This year, he even forgot my birthday, and he didn’t say anything afterwards. Over the past year or so, I feel that his whole personality has changed. When he goes on the street, he always likes to look at beautiful women, and he stares at people’s buttocks. His eyes are very obscene. When chatting, he always said that women aged 25-40 are the most beautiful. Like some post-90s women, they have neither buttocks nor breasts. They simply don’t have what men need in their eyes and are not considerate. Sometimes I get very angry when I hear it, and say that I want him to find an old woman, and then he coaxes me, saying that I am an exception. But it didn’t take long for him to say these things again. And I also like to always look at those pictures on the Internet, and download movies like young women and wives. When the two people were together, he didn’t have awesome as before, and he wouldn’t hug me to sleep like before. He used to have it almost every day, but now sometimes he won’t have it for a week. The sky is always blue teacher, please give me an analysis. Many men don’t like women to be young, but why does my boyfriend like older women? I’m really confused. Is he a pervert? If this goes on, will we break up? What should I do?

the sky is always blue. reply

Tropical rain forest, Hello! First of all, frankly speaking, the sky is always blue, which has an amazing similarity to a woman’s aesthetic and your boyfriend’s, and I will raise the age of a woman even higher. I think that a woman can really give off a woman’s fragrance only after she is 28 years old (of course, I’m only talking about most). It’s like an apple. Although it ripens very early, turns red, looks beautiful, and can even be ripened by external forces, But in the end, it can not withstand the natural maturity under natural conditions.

However, a man’s understanding of women reflects his age level to some extent. Men tend to have different perceptions of the opposite sex at different age stages. There is a study on sexual psychology that shows that as men grow older, they will gradually have a relatively strong sexual interest in the following parts of women: face, chest, buttocks, thighs and private parts. In other words, women’s attraction to men is gradually developing downward. So, it’s nothing unusual for your boyfriend to like to see women’s buttocks. Maybe he has exposed his psychological age to a certain extent. However, a man’s psychological age affects his future career development, social outlook, sense of responsibility and personality charm to a certain extent. Therefore, from the perspective of physiological age, it is not necessarily a bad thing for him to do so.

First of all, from a physiological point of view, the sky is always blue. It’s nothing to think that a man should be a little better, but a lecherous person should be a bit more lustful than lewd. As long as he can control and adjust himself, it’s OK to enjoy it; Secondly, emotionally, your boyfriend should be a little too much. At least he should not tell you all this so often and so frankly. At least he should pay full attention to your feelings! According to your description in your letter, the sky is always blue. I personally feel that he is still a little over the top, or at the beginning of some slackness and change. People’s consciousness determines the way out. When he positions his emotional needs and sexual goals as some unrealistic assumptions all day long, he will also enter a dead end.

Of course, you still need to make some changes in yourself. His liking for mature women is not necessarily just about sex. Mature women also have other sexual charms. As your boyfriend said, there is something in your eyes, and the sky is always blue. I think this kind of thing should be the precipitation, consideration, tolerance, insight, knowledge and self-restraint of life. Do yourself well and improve yourself, which is exactly the best choice for you to cope with changes with constancy.

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