A wise woman will not be a man’s lover

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If you love a man and are loved by him, but you are doomed to be unable to be together, then if you want not to lose him, don’t be a lover with him.

The role of lover is like the most beautiful flower in spring, which blooms fully and fades quickly. When you fall in love with a man, it’s better to stay away from the role of lover. It makes you happy for a while, but it makes you bear eternal heartache.

Once two people become lovers, they no longer feel relaxed and transparent. When two people have an indefinable responsibility, they will naturally make many demands on each other. Maybe this kind of request is normal, but when he can’t meet you, he will inevitably be sad and melancholy, and you will fall into the vortex of emotion. The lover’s role produces a sense of insecurity because he can’t see the sun, and even loses himself in the fear of gain and loss.

And women who lose themselves always lose their once dazzling charm.

Making friends with a man is enjoyable. You are your own. There may be a feeling between you and him, but this feeling will not let you lose yourself. You all have your own lives. You won’t ask too much of each other, and you won’t sleep around the clock for him. You will share his happiness and pain, and you will drink together and make some pink jokes without feeling tired.

When you become his friend, he will regard you as a fortune. He is relaxed and natural in front of you, and he will think of you when he is happy and upset. He will appreciate your independence, your thoughts, your smile and your charm, he will work actively because of your encouragement, and he is willing to let you meet a successful and radiant man.

Lovers are too sensitive, because they are too close to each other and lose their hazy beauty. A grain of sand can’t be rubbed in the eyes of a lover, and a grain of sand that can be seen under a microscope can wear two delicate hearts. But friends mean tolerance and make each other happy.

If a man is upset by his lover, he will talk to his friends. Lover is heavy, but friend is easy; Lover means tears, but friend is the sunshine above.

Smart woman, if a man attracts you, you must not be his lover. Because many men are too forgetful, they will forget your previous brilliance and beauty, and they will turn their eyes to others and turn a blind eye to you. You can choose to be his friend. From the day you choose, he will look at you with new eyes and he will never forget you.

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