Zhao Zhixin answers the problem of sleep quality

Poor sleep quality and short sleep time have become an “abnormal” natural phenomenon in modern women’s lives. Many people mistakenly believe that this is a manifestation of energy. In fact, this phenomenon shows that their health has been greatly compromised.

Sleep quality bothering women

As a result of not sleeping well, a very large number of women take drugs for this. After they started taking drugs, they seemed to increase their sleep volume, but their real sleep quality did not improve. So many people wake up, still dizzy and tired. After taking the medicine for a period of time, the sleep state did not improve, and more people began to think that they had “insomnia”. In fact, the vast majority of sleep quality problems have nothing to do with insomnia, but people’s lack of understanding of human sleep.

There are three main factors affecting sleep quality (depth and length of sleep):

1. It depends on the degree of brain fatigue.

2. It depends on the growth degree of skeletal muscle and the like in the growth and development period.

3. It depends on the degree of body fatigue after physical activities (labor and exercise).

In our investigation, we found that when most women complained about their poor sleep quality, they said that they woke up at about three or four o’clock in the morning and stayed up until dawn. I told them that your “real” sleep was enough.

The “real” sleep referred to here refers to a person’s deep sleep within 3-4 hours after going to bed, which is necessary to alleviate brain fatigue. After 3-4 hours, the cerebral cortex starts to be excited. At this time, many people begin to have more dreams, half sleep or fully awake. Many people think that they have “insomnia”. In fact, people do not understand the factors that affect the depth and length of sleep, not only brain fatigue, but also the “repair” factors of the body after growth and fatigue.

For example, why do children who are at the stage of growing up and patients after surgery sleep deeply? This is the “generation” or “repair” factor at play. In addition, there are limb fatigue factors, and after middle age, because women work mostly with low muscle activity, many women have poor sleep quality, which is actually a relative lack of “fatigue factors”.

Understanding this, female friends can understand that if you have a problem of poor sleep, first of all, don’t identify yourself as “insomnia”, which will form a psychological burden; When sleep problems still exist after medication, psychological barriers will be formed.

If the quality of sleep is not good, it is suggested that female friends should pay more attention to the low amount of muscle activity. Physical exercise is a means to make your body get “creative fatigue”. Such “benign fatigue” will effectively prolong your sleep time and improve the quality of sleep.

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