Woman: the only way to make love last

How long can a love last? According to the results of scientific research, it will take 36 months, that is, three years. Experts say that after 36 months, emotions will become complicated, with love elements, and may also be converted into family affection or friendship.

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When every relationship is opened, we all hope for eternity. In this society, love becomes fragile and weather resistant. How can we make love last forever? I think there is only one way, that is to take things slowly!

Our father’s generation is often more stable in terms of feelings than today’s young people, which has a lot to do with the way we started our feelings in those years, in addition to the old ideas.

At that time, everyone was conservative in thinking. It might take half a year from meeting to holding hands. During this half a year, there was no mobile phone to contact. All my thoughts were churning in my mind. Over and over again, that kind of beautiful experience was a very pleasant feeling.

From holding hands to hugging, it may take several more months.

That longing, that passion, accumulated to a certain extent, is marriage, and is owned day and night.

When I was very young, I inherently thought that feelings need a process. Only if the process is lasting can feelings last. So I don’t believe in love at first sight.

I have a good friend, diamond king Lao Wu. Everyone will think that there must be so many beautiful women around him. However, when we chatted, he told me that it was difficult for him to find true love because he liked the process of pursuit. Every time he saw a girl, he almost had it without too much pursuit, so he soon felt insipid. Of course, I don’t agree with his view of love, but his words still made me think for a long time.

Another example I have seen:

A woman, who has been with her husband for eight years, has never bathed with her husband, changed clothes together, or even slept in socks. Her theory is: give a man a little, and once he is full, he will have no appetite next time. For example, when a girl is with others, she will soon walk around the house naked. At first, the man may be interested in appreciating it, but soon he will feel that it is boring to turn a blind eye to it.

I also thought about her words for a long time and found them very reasonable.

In love, we often become charity givers, and we will give generously what the other party wants.

In fact, if you seldom say “I love you”, once he will cherish it.

In love, this sentence is very important. Slowly give him your feelings, and you will reap more lasting love!

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