What are the side effects of laser acne removal

Every woman wants to have a white and tender face, but because of the hormone disorder, a large number of acne keeps growing. At present, there are many methods to remove acne on her face, such as laser, Chinese medicine or applying ointment. Laser acne removal is favored by many young people, but it is inevitable that it will bring harm.

What are the hazards of laser acne removal?

1. The wound will be infected

After laser acne removal, there will be tiny wounds on the skin. If the instruments used are not thoroughly disinfected and well cared for after the operation, bacteria may invade the wound and cause wound infection. The wound may produce exudates or erythema due to scratching, crushing or water pollution. When infection occurs, seek the help of doctors in time to promote wound healing.

2. Dry, red, swollen and painful skin

In the process of laser acne removal, there will be a lot of waste cuticle left on the skin, which will cause a lot of water loss. Laser acne removal mainly uses the photothermal effect to raise the temperature of the epidermis, accelerate the evaporation of water in the skin, and make the skin tight and dry. Minor skin damage may occur after operation, resulting in

3. Temporary scab occurs

When doing laser acne removal, the waste cuticle remaining on the skin will be removed, the aged necrotic tissue will naturally fall off, and the skin will have temporary scabs. Laser acne removal is mainly to make tiny holes in the skin to remove acne. If the operation is improper, it may cause bleeding from the wound

4. Temporary pigmentation

About 15 days after laser acne removal, the skin will be temporarily deepened and appear bronze. There are also some people whose pigmentation will decrease at the beginning after treatment, and pigmentation will appear in about 1 month. No special treatment is required at this stage, and pigmentation will subside in about 4 months.

5. It will form scars and itch

Choosing a regular hospital for laser acne removal is highly accurate, can strictly control the depth and size of treatment, and generally will not leave scars. Improper operation may result in:


We should dialectically treat laser acne removal. As long as we carry out scientific and reasonable acne removal, we can reduce the harm to the skin, so we should choose a regular hospital. After the completion of laser acne removal, you should take good care of your skin. You can’t wash your face or apply cosmetics within 24 hours, so as not to pollute the wound and cause infection.

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