Tell you the secret of eyes you can’t ignore!

Everyone has a private space, whether you are single or not, whether you live alone or not, whether you are a gossip girl or not. We all say that eyes are the windows of the soul. If you have a pair of beautiful eyes, you can pass on the secrets of your heart even if you don’t speak. But do you know that the eyes also have their own secrets – corneal health.

the importance of corneal health

Cornea is an important part of clear vision, and corneal endothelial cells are the most important part of corneal tissue. The number of corneal endothelial cells varies according to individual differences. According to medical research, the number of normal corneal endothelial cells in general adults is 2900 (+ -) 400, and generally no less than 2500. However, corneal hypoxia, trauma, surgery or autoimmune deficiency will accelerate the reduction of corneal endothelial cells, and once the cells are damaged, they cannot recover completely. The decrease of corneal endothelial cells will cause redness, itching, dryness and other symptoms of the eyes.

Because the cornea has no blood vessels and needs oxygen in the air to maintain cell metabolism, the cornea must have sufficient oxygen in the respiratory tract to keep healthy.! If you don’t choose the lens material carefully and ignore the oxygen permeability, coupled with the busy modern life and the need to wear contact lenses for a long time, the cornea is easy to age early due to hypoxia, which may bring permanent and irrecoverable damage to the cornea.

how to protect corneal health

The influence of contact lenses on cornea mainly depends on water and oxygen. At present, ordinary contact lenses are made of hydrogel, with an oxygen permeability of 30-50dk / T. they rely on the high water content in the hydrogel to dissolve oxygen in the air.

However, after wearing for a long time, the moisture is easy to evaporate naturally, and the oxygen permeability of the lens starts to decline. It needs to rely on the moisture absorbed from tears to supplement its high moisture content. Therefore, to meet the dual needs of the cornea for water and oxygen at the same time, the traditional hydrogel material seems to be too weak.

Shikang contact lenses, the world’s second largest contact lens manufacturer, holds the patent right of the latest silicon hydrogel material. Many of its silicon hydrogel products have made extraordinary achievements abroad and are the largest contact lens brand in Europe.

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