be vigilant! Three misunderstandings about using towels

Wiping sweat, washing face, bathing… Towels hanging at home have become one of the most frequently used daily necessities. In the past, the towels people used were called “labor protection towels”, which were red, blue, green and white. Although the varieties and colors were single, they were very easy to use. Now, there are more and more kinds of towels on the market, and the designs and colors are more and more miscellaneous, and the following problems are also more and more. Next, let’s take a look at the three common problems in towel use and see what experts say.

continuous fading towels are not environmentally friendly

Aunt Wang went to the commodity market to buy towels. There are many designs and varieties of towels in the market, and the prices are cheaper than those in shopping malls and supermarkets. Aunt Wang chose three towels for washing her face, and the boss directly asked for “10 yuan for three”.

Although there is no label on the towel and the color is very bright, at this price, you can’t even buy a towel in the supermarket. Aunt Wang thought it over and bought it.

Cheap is no good. Aunt Wang put a red towel into the water, and the water turned red. Put soap on the towel, and the bubbles are also red. Even if I wipe my face with a towel, my face will turn slightly red. After several days of continuous use, the towel not only continued to fade, but also appeared black spots with mold. Aunt Wang was so upset that she had to throw away the towel.

Expert comments: many towels are dyed. It is normal for a newly bought towel to fade slightly when it is put into the water for the first time. If the color continues to fade, there are two possibilities, one is that this towel is a reprocessed product, and the other is that the towel uses inferior dyes.

Inferior dyes are produced from waste raw materials and inferior chemical dyes. The cost is only one tenth of that of regular dyes. They also contain carcinogens such as aromatic amines. When the human body is in long-term contact with towels containing aromatic amines, aromatic amines are easily absorbed by the skin, inducing cancer or allergy, and aromatic amines can be latent in the human body for up to 20 years. Therefore, washing your face with a towel dyed with inferior dyes is just like washing your face with industrial wastewater, which will seriously damage your skin and endanger your health.

most “antibacterial” towels are not antibacterial

In addition to rich and colorful designs and varieties, there are also many functional towels on the market, such as “antibacterial” towels. The price of this “antibacterial” towel is several times higher than that of ordinary towels.

Miss Zhang recently spent dozens of yuan in the supermarket to buy back a so-called “antibacterial” towel, but when used, she felt like an ordinary towel. If you use it for a long time, the towel will turn yellow and have a strange smell. “What do bacteria look like? No one can see them without a microscope. I think the so-called ‘antibacterial’ towel is just a gimmick for businesses to promote.” Miss Zhang felt cheated.

Expert comments: if the towel fiber itself has an antibacterial function, then the towel really has an antibacterial effect. But at present, this kind of fiber is rare, so most of the so-called “antibacterial” towels on the market are not antibacterial.

If you want the towel to be truly sterilized, you need to designate a special person to use it exclusively. The towels should be sterilized at a high temperature every week and heated in the microwave oven for a few minutes. At the same time, it is better to change a new towel every three months.

the softer the towel, the more absorbent it is.

Aunt Liang bought an ultra soft towel, which looks like cotton when pinched, but when the towel was immersed in water, the water beads floated on the towel, and the water and the towel were “incompatible”.

Later, aunt Liang filled the basin with water, pressed the whole towel into the water, and then rubbed it continuously, so that the water slowly penetrated into the towel.

Expert comments: the quality of towels mainly depends on the yarn and fiber composition. Some towels are soft and slippery to the touch, but their water absorption is poor. There are three kinds of towels on the market now, and the water absorption is also different. The public can distinguish them by the small label on the edge of the towel.

The first is the cut pile towel, which is very soft and comfortable to use. It has stronger moisture absorption and softness than ordinary towels.

The second kind of jacquard towel is very beautiful, with delicate patterns and colorful colors, but its moisture absorption and softness are slightly inferior.

The third kind is the twist free yarn towel, which feels very soft, and has a particularly good hygroscopicity. It also has the effect of protecting the skin. Twist free yarn towel is a fashionable beauty towel.

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