How to whiten and make your skin white and beautiful? How to whiten your skin

I believe everyone knows the saying that only when you are white can you look beautiful. If you are not beautiful enough, then if your skin is white, it can make your whole body look clean and refreshing. Then how can you whiten it? Let’s take a look.

Do a good job in skin care and facial cleansing

In addition to whitening through food, you should also do a good job in skin care and facial cleansing at ordinary times, but it should be noted that junior high school girls are still at a stage of development. Xiaobian very much does not recommend that you use some facial cleansing products with too much cleaning intensity. You should try to choose mild facial cleansing products. After washing your face at ordinary times, you can also cooperate with some basic toner to replenish moisture for your skin. When your skin becomes tender, It seems more natural.

Eat more bean products

Eating more bean products can also whiten your face! For example, soymilk, milk and other foods rich in various vitamins and minerals, because these foods have good beauty and beauty effects, and are holy products for skin whitening.

Daily skin cleaning

For daily skin cleaning, it is recommended to choose facial cleanser with whitening function to remove garbage and dirt on the face. In addition, regular exfoliation is also required to avoid melanin deposition due to excessive cutin.

Do a good job of sunscreen

Sunscreen work is carried out all year round, so no matter what season, MMS should prepare a sunscreen product with fresh texture. It is suggested that products with whitening and brightening skin color should be given priority.

Honey aloe facial mask

Wash the fresh aloe vera and remove the skin, then cut it into pieces and press the juice, then add a proper amount of honey or flour and stir it evenly (if pearl powder can be used to replace flour, it will be better). Then apply the prepared facial mask on your face and wait for about 15-20 minutes before washing.

Tomato honey whitening

Efficacy: this whitening facial mask can effectively remove greasiness, make the skin look more white and delicate, and also whiten the face and hands. Method: first prepare half a tomato and a proper amount of honey, then stir the tomato into tomato juice, then add an appropriate amount of honey and stir into a paste, then evenly smear it on the face or hand, and wash it off with water after 15 minutes. It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a week.

Milk facial mask

Pour an appropriate amount of milk and a little honey into a clean container, stir well, and then add a compressed facial mask. After the facial mask has fully absorbed the milk, it can be spread and applied to the face, and then wash the face with clean water.

Develop correct living habits

At the same time of whitening, we should develop good living habits, so as to ensure the whitening effect. For example, going to bed early without staying up late, drinking more water to detoxify, common healthy foods, and exercising at the right time will help improve your physical quality and consolidate the whitening effect!

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