Are your hands and feet hairy and your libido stronger?

Many people have the idea that “a man’s hands and feet are thick and thick, or he has chest hair like a foreigner, which means that he has strong sexual desire.” but Yao Jian’an, the chief physician of the family medicine department of National Taiwan University Hospital, clarified a few days ago that having more body hair does not mean that he has strong sexual desire. This argument should be groundless.

There are rumors or people in the community that “men with more body hair represent stronger sexual desire”, and some people in the online discussion area have raised questions about this question, but those who answered the question online have different opinions. Some people say that “more or less body hair is determined by heredity or due to more male hormones, but it has nothing to do with sexual function”.

Some people also said: “more body hair means more male hormones, and male hormones really affect sexual desire.” There are different opinions. Is there a positive correlation between excessive body hair and sexual desire?

In this regard, Yao Jian’an, an attending physician in the Department of family medicine at National Taiwan University Hospital, explained that men with more body hair just mean that they have more testosterone (male hormone), but higher male hormone in their bodies does not mean that they have strong sexual desire, nor have they seen large-scale studies to confirm the relationship between the two, so it should be groundless to speculate.

In addition, Yao Jian’an, an attending physician in the Department of family medicine at National Taiwan University Hospital, points out that looking at the appearance of some sexual assaults, not everyone is tall and majestic. On the contrary, many criminals actually look quite polite. Judging the strength of sexual desire by appearance seems a bit weak.

There is a saying on the Internet that body hair, including hand hair, foot hair and chest hair, is too long, which means that this person has strong sexual desire? Liao junhou, a part-time attending physician at the Xindian General Hospital of the Catholic Gengshen hospital and National Taiwan University Hospital, says that there is no direct correlation between the length of body hair and sexual desire.

Foreign male movie stars often show their proud chest hair in films, which often makes women crazy. Dr. Liao says that if men’s hair, such as hand hair, foot hair and chest hair, is curly or thick, it will always make people feel much sexier. This is one of the reasons why most people think that hairy people have stronger human ability.

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