Stand on tiptoe, tonify kidney and slim down

When it comes to tiptoe, many people think that it must be the unique action of ballet dancers, but it turns out that we ordinary people often stand on tiptoe, which has such a magical effect:

1. Exercise the whole body and build legs

Tiptoe can enhance the activity of limbs, stimulate the tight calf and slowly consume fat, eliminate fatigue in the long run, increase the elasticity of the calf, and accelerate the effect of eliminating fat.

2. Improve kidney function, strengthen kidney and benefit essence

There is a connecting line from the kidney to the toe, which is the kidney meridian of foot Shaoyin. If one end (toe) of a pulling line is pulled, the other end (kidney) of the line will be stimulated, thus playing the role of Tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang. When men stand on tiptoe to urinate, they can strengthen their kidneys, thus achieving the effect of strengthening sperm. When a woman sits and squats, she puts her first toe and second toe firmly on the ground, tiptoes and shakes, which can also have the effect of Tonifying the kidney and diuresis.

3. Promote body blood circulation

There are a lot of blood vessels in the leg muscles of people. When people stand on tiptoe, the leg muscles will tighten and loosen. When the muscle relaxes, the arterial blood from the heart will increase the perfusion to the muscle; When the muscle is tightened, it will squeeze the blood vessels to speed up the venous blood flow back to the heart, thus promoting blood circulation.

4. Avoid swelling and numbness of lower limbs

The blood reflux of the lower limbs of the human body mainly depends on the contraction and compression of the muscles at the back of both legs when standing on tiptoe heels. According to the measurement, the amount of blood squeezed out by the muscles of both legs during each contraction is roughly equivalent to the blood output of the heart in each pulse, so it is known as the “second heart of the human body”. The acceleration of blood circulation in the lower limbs will eliminate the numbness of acid swelling in the lower limbs.

5. Eliminate temporary dizziness caused by insufficient blood supply

Standing on tiptoe often can eliminate the problem of insufficient blood supply to the brain that occurs when the brain is highly concentrated for a long time and suddenly stands, which is conducive to self-health protection.

several exercise methods of tiptoe:

tiptoe walk

Stand on tiptoe and walk in a straight line, every 50 steps in a group. At the beginning, you can hold the wall to practice. After you are proficient, you don’t need to use foreign objects. Repeat several groups according to your own physical condition.

sit on tiptoe

Sit with your legs at 90 degrees on the chair, keep your knees and thighs horizontal, put two mineral water bottles on your thighs for weight-bearing exercises, stand on tiptoe for a few seconds, then put them down, stand on tiptoe for 30 ~ 50 times each time, or stand on tiptoe in reverse.

lie down and hook your toes

Lie flat on the bed or cushion, stretch your legs together and put your toes together. Do it 20-30 times at a time. If you are tired, stop and rest. Don’t overdo it at the beginning.

It is worth noting that walking on tiptoe requires high coordination of the whole body. For the elderly, attention should be paid to safety to avoid falling due to unstable standing. People with more serious osteoporosis had better not do it. It turns out that simply standing on tiptoe has such a powerful effect. Are you still sitting at your desk for a long time and growing meat? Hurry up and stand on tiptoe with Xiaobian!

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