Will children practice martial arts affect their height

Normally, I won’t. Unless high-intensity weight-bearing exercises are carried out in adolescence, there will not be a situation of not being tall when practicing martial arts. Children have good ligaments, soft and elastic bones, and their bodies are growing. When practicing martial arts, they should practice more technical things to exercise coordination and flexibility. They can also run and walk properly to improve their physical quality, but they are not suitable for long-term or negative sports. As long as they grasp this degree, they should not be damaged in practicing martial arts.

Because everyone’s physique is different and the range of tolerance is also different, it is impossible to use a unified standard to measure every student. Therefore, this puts forward higher requirements for martial arts coaches. Martial arts coaches need to formulate corresponding training plans according to students’ physical quality and acceptance ability, teach students according to their aptitudes, and tap students’ potential. Overload training can not only improve the level of Wushu, but also affect individual development, and the gains outweigh the losses.

the best age to learn martial arts

After the age of 4, the child’s physical coordination and flexibility develop rapidly, and his attention, memory, thinking ability and behavior control ability have been significantly improved. At this time, he can start to learn martial arts. But at this time, children’s learning and sports ability is not high after all, and they are only suitable for learning some simple martial arts movements and combinations of movements.

precautions for children to learn martial arts

1. Exercise intensity should be controlled. We must control endurance type and strength type exercises. We can carry out flexibility exercises and short-term speed type exercises. We must resolutely refuse long-term and boring exercises and high-intensity exercises such as the 100 meter race.

2. Pay attention to nutrition. Learning martial arts consumes a lot of physical energy. Parents must pay attention to enhancing the nutrition of their children.

3. Be careful when doing strength exercises. The most typical strength type exercise is weightlifting. Although it is very powerful, the bones and joints will calcify in advance, affecting the growth of children.

4. Parents had better accompany their children to class. Parents should track their children’s learning process, pay attention to the coach’s practice methods, and avoid accidental injuries to children.

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