Do you have any weird habits like singing in the bath

When it comes to singing in the bath, I believe many people will think of one or two roommates in the university dormitory who will hold a personal concert when they take a bath. No matter how many people outside protest, they are always intoxicated with their own songs. Here comes the question. Do you know why they sing in the shower? What other quirks do you have when taking a bath? How to take a bath in dry winter?

singing while taking a bath can reduce pressure

Arab historian Ibn heldun gave a wonderful explanation for bathing and singing: “when they enjoy a hot bath, the heat they inhale heats their souls, and they often sing because of joy.” Some experts say that singing happy songs during bathing can promote the release of a substance called endorphin, which can improve people’s self-confidence and make them feel happy physically and mentally. They can’t help laughing and their stress index plummets.

For urban people, there is a lot of work pressure during the day. It is a rare relaxation time in the day to take a hot bath after work. When the pressure is reduced, people will relax and naturally think of singing to express their pleasure. Many studies have shown that when you sing in the bath, you will not spend too much time thinking about problems, which also means that you can temporarily release pressure, which is very good for your body.

when taking a bath, thinking and inspiration erupt.

Many people encounter incomprehensible problems at work. When they take a bath, they will suddenly have an inspiration and suddenly have a good answer to their long confused problems. In fact, this is the divergent thinking mode that affects our thinking. The so-called divergent thinking means that when the human brain is relaxed, neural signals can move in a large area in the brain, which is conducive to creativity. Therefore, when the brain is relaxed in the bath and the focus thinking mode is switched to the divergent thinking mode, there will be more inspiration.

you should do this when taking a bath in winter.

1. Bathing should not be too frequent in winter. If the working and living environment is relatively clean, you can take two or three baths a week. The elderly or patients with basic diseases such as diabetes and kidney disease can have a longer interval. The best time to take a bath is 2 hours before going to bed. Hot water will quickly raise the body temperature and inhibit the secretion of melatonin in the brain. If you go to bed immediately after washing, it will be difficult to fall asleep.

2. Use less soap or shower gel. If you want to use it, try to choose a mild one. Because they also destroy the oil film on the skin surface. And the water temperature can’t be too hot. 40 degrees is almost enough. Too high a water temperature will also damage the oil film on the skin surface. Don’t use soap in winter, just rinse with water. In addition, it is better to choose products with less fragrance or pigment for bath products, so as to avoid abnormal sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet rays due to long-term stimulation of fragrance or pigment. The unsaturated fatty acids in soaps are easy to be oxidized and rancid, and should not be stored for too long.

3. After taking a bath and drying your body, you’d better apply some moisturizing lotion on your body. It’s recommended to try to choose a moisturizing lotion with no fragrance and simple function to play a better moisturizing role.

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