Love of fast food can cause anxiety

Anxiety will not only affect people’s physical health, but also make people’s recognition worse. Researchers from Harvard Medical School found that anxiety patients have difficulty recognizing the emotions of others. The researchers collected the facial expression changes of three men and three women, and invited participants to identify them after combination. At the same time, participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire to understand their anxiety level. The results show that people with high anxiety are prone to make mistakes in recognizing the faces of happy people, and they can better recognize the faces of angry people, which indicates that they are less able to find the intimacy of others, and will be more alert when they are negative or threatened.

In addition, the website of Prevention magazine recently summarized several causes of anxiety:

1. Sedentary it can easily lead to poor health, reduced exercise, and increased risk of anxiety;

2. Air pollution a survey of 71000 female participants found that women living between 50 and 200 meters away from busy roads had significantly higher anxiety than women living 200 meters away from roads;

3. I love fast food studies in Brazil have found that eating high-fat food can increase anxiety.

4. Gastrointestinal dysfunction a study by the University of Toronto in Canada found that patients with irritable bowel syndrome are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety disorders as non patients, and women have a higher risk of morbidity. Experts remind that anxiety is harmful to the body but not beneficial. Try to avoid negative emotions in life.

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