What is the effect of Taijiquan on human body

1. Exercise lung function

Practicing Taijiquan can improve the elasticity of lung tissue, increase the activity of chest, and enhance the ventilation function of lung. Taijiquan is mainly based on abdominal breathing, which is deep, long and uniform. In the process of repeated movements, abdominal muscles and diaphragm muscles are often used, so it can enhance the ventilation function of the lungs. In addition, through regular changes in abdominal pressure, the blood circulation in the body can be accelerated, and the ventilation function of the alveoli can be strengthened, which helps to maintain the vitality of the lungs.

2. Improve digestive function

Because the central nervous system is in charge of all systems in the human body, regular practice of Taijiquan can also improve the functions of other systems, such as the digestive system. By improving the activity ability of the central nervous system, the function of the digestive system can be improved, and diseases of the digestive system caused by nervous system disorders can be avoided, such as disturbances of digestive secretion and absorption.

3. Cultivate temperament

The movements of Taijiquan require softness, lightness and continuity, as well as “there is silence in the movement and movement in the static” in the process of moving moves. Therefore, people who are usually impatient or slow will be affected invisibly in the process of contact, so as to achieve the effect of cultivating their temperament. Because Taijiquan stresses sensitivity on the one hand, which can improve people’s sensitivity; on the other hand, it stresses calmness, which can restrain people’s impetuosity.

4. Strengthen the heart and blood vessels

Some people do not like exercise, so their heart function may not be good and their blood vessels may not be healthy. Although the rhythm of Taijiquan is relatively slow, it has obvious effects in promoting the movement of Qi and blood in the body and enhancing the function of the heart, which can make the heart slow and powerful. Some professionals said that Taijiquan has obvious effects in helping to enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and reduce the probability of blood vessel rupture.

5. Strengthening muscles and bones

If a person’s rhythm of life is irregular and he does not have good living habits, his muscles and ligaments will become stiff and inelastic, so he will lack strength and often be injured. At this time, you can try Taijiquan to help strengthen the muscles and ligaments and restore the flexibility of joints.

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