Different dreams suggest diseases of your body

During sleep, brain cells enter a state of “rest” and their working function decreases. At this time, subtle stimulation signals in the daytime stimulate the relevant centers of the cortex, causing corresponding brain cells to respond to stress and produce predictive dreams. And different diseases are related to different dreams, while dreams of the same disease are usually more similar.

Here are some dreams related to diseases:

1. Dream that someone or a monster beats you on the head, or pours fluid into your facial features.

Reminder: you may suffer from brain tumors and neurological diseases.

2. I heard a strange noise in my dream.

Reminder: there may be some lesions in the auditory center or hardening of blood vessels near it.

3. I dreamed that my trachea was stuck, my breathing was not smooth, and I was suffocating.

Reminder: there may be pathological changes in the respiratory system.

4. I was chased in my dream, and I was afraid. I couldn’t shout and run. After waking up, I had aftershocks, sweats and a fast heartbeat.

Reminder: it may be insufficient blood supply to the coronary artery of the heart.

5. In the dream, he walks unsteadily, his body is twisted, his limbs are heavy, and he feels suffocated, and he will suddenly wake up.

Reminder: it may be a precursor of angina pectoris.

6. I dreamed of falling from a high place, but I woke up before I fell to the ground.

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