Home made four whitening facial mask, home made four Whitening Facial Mask

Spring is a very suitable season for improving skin, because skin needs your care more at this time. Facial whitening in the new season must be the most concerned topic of every beauty loving girl. The following is the most effective self-made facial mask in spring and summer introduced by aimei.com. Do you think it is very practical.

Self made brown sugar Black Tea Whitening Facial Mask

Black tea has antioxidant and whitening effects, and brown sugar also has whitening effects. When these two things are combined to make a facial mask, they have a double whitening effect.

Materials: 2 tbsp black tea, 2 tbsp brown sugar, a little flour, and a proper amount of water.

Efficacy: whiten skin

Preparation method: add water to decoct black tea and brown sugar for a while, and cool to 37-40 degrees. Add flour, mix well, apply it on your face, wipe it off with a poem towel after 15 minutes. Make skin white, tender and moist.

Homemade Coix and licorice Whitening Facial Mask

Job’s tears is a good beauty food. In summer, I often come to a bowl of job’s tears soup, which not only cools and Relieves summer heat, but also prevents edema and edema caused by summer heat because job’s tears can promote drainage

It is made of two ingredients, fresh milk that harmonizes and moistens the skin. This facial mask may not be used up at one time. The rest of the facial mask must be put in the refrigerator for refrigeration, preferably within a week. It can be used every day.

Materials: 1 small piece of tofu (about 2-3 teaspoons), 2 teaspoons of yeast powder, 1 / 2 teaspoon of olive oil (can be omitted for oily skin)

Efficacy: whiten and soften skin, improve skin dullness and strengthen skin antioxidant capacity

Preparation method: grind tofu, add yeast powder and mix well. Dry skin can be mixed with olive oil and used evenly. Avoid the eyes and lips, apply the facial mask to your face, and wash your face with warm water after 15-20 minutes.

Homemade Angelica dahurica Milk Whitening Facial Mask

Angelica dahurica and Angelica sinensis, another traditional Chinese medicine, can be called brothers and sisters. They belong to the same family of medicinal plants. Angelica dahurica has both whitening and sunscreen effects, and is rich in essential oil components, so it also has a good antibacterial and blood circulation promoting effect, with the effect of making your face ruddy and improving blackhead acne. However, Angelica dahurica is spicy and irritating to the skin, so this formula also adds fresh, which has calming, soothing and moisturizing effects

Materials: 1 tsp of Coix seed powder, 1 tsp of licorice powder and 3 tsp of pure fresh milk

Efficacy: whiten and moisturize skin, leaving skin soft, fine and smooth

Manufacturing method: mix various materials and stir them evenly. Apply the prepared facial mask on your face for 15 minutes. After drying, rub off the facial mask with wet fingers, and then wash it with warm water.

Homemade tofu yeast Whitening Facial Mask

During the Spring Festival, if there are too many things stuffed in the refrigerator, it is easy to ignore the shelf life of certain foods. At this time, we can just see what can be used as materials for making facial mask. Cheap and delicious tofu, like soybean milk, is rich in soybean isoflavones, which has an antioxidant effect, so it can restore brightness to dull skin; Tofu also contains natural plant emulsifier lecithin, which can strengthen the moisturizing effect of skin; When yeast powder is blended into a facial mask, it can strengthen the skin’s defense function and make the skin appear cleaner and clearer. In addition to yeast powder and tofu, if your skin is dry, you may as well add 1 / 2 teaspoon of olive oil to this facial mask. Because lecithin in tofu will emulsify olive oil, it will moisturize dry skin after blending. This facial mask is recommended to be applied 1-2 times a week. You can grind Angelica dahurica into powder in a Chinese medicine store, and then directly add fresh milk to the angelica dahurica powder to make this extremely simple and effective whitening and moisturizing facial mask. Of course, you can also use milk powder and water instead of fresh milk

Materials: 2 tsp angelica powder and 3 tsp fresh milk

Efficacy: whiten and moisturize skin, make complexion ruddy, and improve blackhead and acne.

Manufacturing method: mix the materials and stir them evenly. Apply the prepared facial mask on your face and wash your face with warm water after 15 minutes.

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