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Do you also have such a bad habit of sleeping? Do you grind your teeth when you sleep? Have you ever experienced people around you snoring and talking in their sleep, which makes you lose sleep? Is it easy to kick the quilt and wake up cold in the middle of the night… How much do you know about these helpless sleeping habits?

No1 of sleeping habits: Snoring

Snorers do sleep deeply and steadfastly. It is very worrying that ordinary people and snorers sleep in the same room at night: when non snorers lie down and do not fall asleep, their roommates already snore like thunder and fall asleep. This kind of snoring will make non snorers in the same room unable to sleep peacefully all night, and the next day they will be confused and unable to work and study.

We generally believe that snoring is harmless to us. However, some experts pointed out that people who snore for a long time or seriously snore often have sleep apnea syndrome at the age of half a year, which is easy to occur during the whole process of sleep, resulting in a decrease in the oxygen content in blood. Therefore, experts suggest that snorers should have polysomnography to see if they have sleep apnea syndrome, and if so, they should be treated.

NO2 of sleeping habits: grinding teeth

If people with collective life experience hear the rustling sound in the middle of the night, then their roommates must be grinding their teeth again. There are generally three reasons for grinding teeth: one is that you are too excited before bed, which makes it difficult to calm down when you sleep, but this kind of grinding teeth is generally temporary; Second, the teeth are not well occluded, which leads to the uncoordinated relationship between the teeth, resulting in grinding of teeth when sleeping at night. For such patients, they usually wear orthosis to correct their teeth; Third, children’s tooth grinding caused by accumulated food and parasites. Doctors suggest that children’s dinner should be light to avoid excessive intake of large fish and meat.

Grinding your teeth for a long time will actually wear your teeth out. For patients with inappropriate tooth occlusion, tooth morphology can be adjusted; If it is caused by psychological factors such as mental tension, it should receive psychological training; Those suffering from parasitic diseases shall be treated with deworming; If tooth allergy occurs due to night molars, desensitization treatment should be performed. For patients with more serious nocturnal molars, doctors can make a nocturnal molars appliance according to the shape of their teeth and wear it on their teeth when they sleep at night, which can limit the movement of the mouth and stop molars. Patients who clench their teeth at night can be equipped with an occlusal pad in the hospital to cushion the occlusal pressure and avoid damage to their teeth. Some patients are slightly uncomfortable at the beginning, and they will get used to it as long as they adapt to it for a period of time. After all, there is little oral exercise at night, which is better than wearing out their teeth.

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