What are the small methods of rose beauty and whitening

Full body whitening is what every woman yearns for. It only focuses on the beauty and whitening of the face, which makes many mm feel embarrassed. Because only face whitening makes people feel as if the skin of the face is not their own, so the method of full body whitening has become what women want to know most. Roses are loved by women. Besides the fragrance, roses also have the effect of whitening the whole body. Today Xiaobian will teach you the beauty and whitening methods of roses, so that you can be a woman full of rose fragrance.

Rose Beauty Whitening Tips?

1、 If you keep drinking fresh rose juice, your body will emit a faint natural fragrance. Moreover, skin care is super effective: whitening, moisturizing and tightening skin, anti-oxidation and ruddy complexion.

Manufacturing method:

1. Be sure to wash it (to prevent pesticides), pick it into petals, blacken it, and throw it away

2. Soak in brine for 2 hours to decompose harmful substances, and then rinse several times after soaking

3. When the water is boiled, put some petals into the pot to boil

4。、 After 15 minutes, remove another part of the petals and cook for another 15 minutes to turn the petals pale and make the soup rosy

5. Use a filter to filter out the soup, cool to normal temperature, and add a little rock sugar.

2、 Roses in the boudoir

Put a bunch of fresh roses on your boudoir, and the natural fragrance will scatter on all your belongings, bringing you a romantic and sweet feeling. Mm may

I asked what is the whole body whitening method of roses? It will always remind you to take care of your skin, just like taking care of beautiful flowers.

Moreover, rose fragrance has a natural effect on women, especially for symptoms such as poor mood, gloomy face and even dysmenorrhea during menstruation. After these symptoms are alleviated, the skin on the face will improve~

Tips: 1. Roses should be replaced frequently and discarded in time. Keep the freshest flower fragrance all the time

2. We should use beautiful vases to hold flowers. It’s like choosing a good man to be worthy of such a beautiful you.

3、 Natural products should be selected for rose skin care

Skin care products should be mainly natural and refined, otherwise the fragrance will have the taste of chemical substances, which will affect your elegance. It is recommended to use Jurlique rose skin care series. The traditional rose varieties specially cultivated by Jurlique farm are cultivated by hand using the method of live machine planting. Pure, natural, active and pure. Rose essence is obtained by “biochemical refined extraction”.

4、 Bathe with rose petals

This is the whole body whitening method that women have loved since ancient times.

a. Take a rose bath once a week

Remove the petals of the roses from the room, choose fresh ones, sprinkle them into the water, and then drop a few drops of rose essential oil to make a rose spa for yourself. It also strengthens the body’s skin care.

b. Shower

Xiaobian prefers the romantic flower fragrance of Aishi and the rose flavor of moisturizing shower gel. It is very moisturizing, and the faint fragrance of flowers can last until the next day after washing, and it can also make your sleeping quilt and pajamas have a faint rose fragrance.


1. Rose scented detergent and softener are used for washing clothes and bedding.

2. Don’t use any inferior rose fragrance products, which is very important. Don’t make you vulgar, and it will hurt your skin, especially the beauties with sensitive skin.

Do you know how to use rose for beauty and whitening? Every beauty loving girl wants not only white face, but also white and tender skin all over her body. The Rose Whitening method has existed since ancient times, so you may as well try Rose Beauty whitening.

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