4 tips to control oil and replenish water to remove acne easily? 4 tips to control oil and replenish water, so that you can easily dispel acne

In March, the temperature keeps rising, and your face is often oily. From time to time, you still have pimples, which really makes you feel depressed. How to remove acne in spring? Here are some tips to help you adjust fat and control oil to fight adult acne.

1、 Oil control and water replenishment

The face of acne muscles is generally oily, and these excessive oil secretion can easily block pores, thus causing acne. Excessive oil is mainly due to the imbalance between water and oil caused by skin lack of water. It is impossible to control oil blindly. It is also necessary to strengthen water replenishment and moisturization.

2、 Use acne products

If you have acne on your face, in addition to daily care, you can also choose some acne removing skin care products, such as Chamomile and marigold, which contain natural and mild plant ingredients. Wash your face before applying acne removing skin care products. If the acne on your face is serious, it is better to see a doctor.

3、 Make up as little as possible

Powdery cosmetics are easy to block pores and can increase the burden on the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the number of times of make-up. It is naturally best not to make up. Remember to avoid heavy make-up and let pores breathe smoothly. If you have made up, you must thoroughly remove your makeup before going to bed at night. You must not go to sleep with your makeup.

4、 Pay attention to diet

Spicy and greasy food can enhance appetite, but it will also attract acne. Therefore, MMS must refrain from such irritating foods, and drink heat clearing and detoxifying drinks such as sour plum soup or herbal tea after meals. Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, drink more water every day, stay away from spicy fried junk food, and control fat and sugar diet.

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