A set of dental protection methods not transmitted by dentists

I never brush my teeth up and down this will damage and erode the gums, causing bleeding and atrophy of the gums. It is recommended to brush your teeth gently in a circle, gently touch and massage your gums, at least 2 minutes each time, and 5 minutes is the best.

chewing gum chew for up to 10 minutes Dr. okye pointed out that although chewing gum can freshen your breath, if you chew it for too long, it will stimulate gastric acid secretion, damage the gastric mucosa, and increase the probability of gastric ulcer. Therefore, chewing gum can only be chewed for 10 minutes, or spit it out after the fragrance disappears.

whitening teeth with strawberries plus baking soda mixing baking soda powder and chopped strawberries is an excellent tooth whitening agent. Smear it on the teeth and wipe it. After a period of time, you will find that the teeth become white. Baking soda can play an abrasive role and effectively remove tooth stains caused by drinking coffee, tea and smoking. Strawberries contain ascorbic acid. This mild acid can remove tooth stains and make teeth brighter and cleaner.

brush your teeth before breakfast many people think that brushing your teeth after breakfast can make your mouth cleaner and your Breath fresher. In fact, the best time to brush teeth is before breakfast, because acidic food will be eaten for breakfast to soften enamel. In order to fight against sugar, saliva also produces more acids, which further softens enamel. If you brush your teeth immediately after breakfast, sugar will permeate into your teeth and wear away the softened enamel. Brushing your teeth at night is the last thing you do before going to bed. After brushing, you can’t eat any food except drinking water.

brush your tongue because most of the bacteria and food residues in the mouth are hidden on the tongue coating, the bacteria will produce some odor after decomposing the food residues. Dr. okye will use a toothbrush or a tongue scraper to clean the tongue coating every day, reduce bacteria in the mouth and freshen the breath.

use an electric toothbrush the difference between electric toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush is just like washing machine and hand washing. Electric toothbrush has better cleaning ability.

floss your teeth research shows that gum disease can cause potentially harmful bacteria to be released into the blood, aggravate artery blockage, and thus lead to heart disease. People with gum disease have a twofold increased risk of coronary heart disease. Flossing can effectively remove food residues in the teeth. It is recommended to floss your teeth every day.

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