Teach you to remove dental plaque and prevent periodontal disease

Dental plaque refers to the microbiota adhering to the surface of teeth or other soft tissues in the mouth. It is composed of a large number of bacteria, intercellular substances, a small number of white blood cells, exfoliated epithelial cells and food scraps.

It cannot be removed by gargling or rinsing with water. Therefore, dental plaque is now regarded as a complex ecological structure of bacteria attached to dental calculus, which is closely related to the occurrence of dental caries and periodontal diseases.

brushing teeth

Brushing teeth is the basic measure to remove dental plaque, and it is also the most important method. Brushing teeth properly can greatly reduce the amount of dental plaque on the surface of teeth. Therefore, we must develop the good habit of brushing our teeth correctly every morning and evening.

The correct way to brush teeth is to brush along the direction of tooth growth. First, put the toothbrush flat in the mouth, and the bristles gently press the edge of the gum. Then, gently turn the hand bowl to gradually turn the bristles to the tooth surface, brush the upper teeth from top to bottom, and brush the lower teeth from bottom to top, and brush repeatedly. Every time you brush one place, you need to go back and forth for 5 to 10 times. This can not only clean the surface and crevices of teeth, but also massage the gums properly. After painting the outside, paint the inside.


Brushing teeth alone can not effectively remove dental plaque on the adjacent surface of teeth, so other auxiliary supplies, such as dental floss, need to be used. Dental floss can effectively remove dental plaque on the adjacent surface of teeth and prevent periodontal disease and adjacent caries.

Dental plaque is the main pathogen of dental caries, periodontal diseases and other oral diseases. Removing dental plaque is a very key measure to prevent oral diseases. Here are some methods to remove dental plaque.


When the gums shrink and there is a gap (GAP) between teeth, it is necessary to remove food, soft dirt and part of dental plaque on the adjacent surface of teeth with the help of toothpicks.

interdental brush

The interdental brush is composed of bristles and a handle. It has various designs and specifications. It can be selected according to the size of the tooth gap and can effectively remove dental plaque on the adjacent surface of teeth.


When brushing your teeth, you should use toothpaste to rub the tooth surface, strengthen the effect of removing dental plaque when brushing your teeth, and make your teeth clean and beautiful. The aromatics in toothpaste also have the effect of refreshing and reducing halitosis, and some medicated toothpastes can play some corresponding roles. However, if you have dental disease, you should go to the dentist first, instead of relying on a certain toothpaste to treat it yourself.

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